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9 Top-Rated Lace-Knitting Projects for Beginners

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9 Top-Rated Lace-Knitting Projects for Beginners

Liat Gat - Founder

May 6, 2015

9 pure beginner lace patterns, featuring Jared Flood designs and more. Easy lace scarves and shawls are perfect for beginning lace knitters. Join our easy lace Pinterest board for more projects.

Here are my top picks for the best and easiest lace patterns out there. These are perfect for beginners – it doesn’t get any easier than this.

9 Super-Easy Beginner Lace Patterns

Patterns shown above:

  1. Diagonal Scarf by Churchmouse Yarns & Teas, photo (c) Jared Flood
  2. Sheesha by Sandhya S.
  3. Poplar dishcloth by Julia Stanfield
  4. On the Road by Janina Kallio (love her!)
  5. Stella by Janina Kallio
  6. Pretty Basic by Janina Kallio
  7. Ardent by Janina Kallio
  8. Flirty by Janina Kallio
  9. Flirty by Janina Kallio

Did you notice all the great-looking easy shawls by designer Janina Kallio in the graphic above? Here’s her Ravelry designer page if you want to check out more of her work. Teaser: she may be doing a guest lesson for us in the upcoming Effortless Lace class.

Keep getting inspired by gorgeous easy projects – follow my Beginner Lace Pinterest board

Click here to follow my Pinboard for Super-Easy Beginner Lace projects. I’ll keep adding to it over the next few months as we do the lace class together, so it will be a great resource for you.

A lot of the patterns above are free so, if you like how they look, download them and look over the instructions to see if you understand them.

What makes these lace patterns great for beginners?

Poplar - Easy Lace Dishcloth by Julia Stanfield
Poplar – an easy lace dishcloth by Julia Stanfield (#3 in the graphic above)

Like I mentioned in my last post on the 4 Things that Make Lace Projects Hard or Easy, the easiest projects are ones that you knit flat. That means back and forth like a scarf or a dishcloth.

The other thing that makes a pattern easy is if the pattern is written out, like this: “K2TOG, YO, K1.”

The last thing that makes patterns easy is if they call for thicker yarn. They knit up FAST. That means they require less patience (a whole other knitting skill altogether).

If you can read easy patterns and knit back and forth, you can start to knit easy lace.

You’ll just need to understand the following basic abbreviations:

  • CO: Cast On
  • BO: Bind Off
  • K: Knit
  • P: Purl
  • YO: Yarnover, and
  • K2tog: Knit 2 Together

I’ll be talking more about the basic building blocks of lace patterns in my upcoming lace class but, for now, refer to the online video knitting dictionary to look up anything you don’t understand.

If you’re open to trying to read patterns, you are in a good position to start learning lace. But you don’t have to do it alone! I’ll be taking you through the whole process step-by-step in my upcoming class, Effortless Lace.

Coming Up Next: 11 Slightly-Harder-But-Still-Very-Easy-And-Gorgeous Projects for Lace Knitting

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  1. kate molendijk

    Thank you for including our Churchmouse picture in your grouping! I’m going to follow along here – and we have current “Place for Lace” knitalong going in our Ravelry group – I’ll post a link to your blog there! Enjoy!

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