The Chinese Waitress Cast-On – A Stretchy, Reversible Cast-On

Chinese Waitress cast-onThe Chinese Waitress Cast-On is a beautiful, reversible, and stretchy short-tail cast-on. And it has a great name!

It was taught to Cast On, Bind Off author Cap Sease's friend by a waitress in a Beijing restaurant.

Not only is this cast-on very stretchy, it also creates a reversible double-chain effect along the bottom edge that is very pretty.

For those of you who are just bored by other cast-ons, this one is for you. It's different and interesting, but not hard!

Video below the photo tutorial.

chinese waitress co step 1

1. Start with a slipknot on your needle and a short tail hanging down.

chinese waitress co step 3

3. Wrap the yarn OVER the left-hand needle and then around behind the right-hand needle as if to knit.

chinese waitress co step 5

5. Remove the right-hand needle from the stitch and put it back in facing the other way.

chinese waitress co step 7

7. Bind off one stitch with your fingers. REPEAT step 5.

chinese waitress co step 8

9. Before putting the last stitch on your needle, bring the yarn to the front of your work. This makes the last stitch look good.

chinese waitress co step 2

2. Hold your right-hand needle under your left hand needle.

chinese waitress co step 4

4. Pull the loop of yarn through.

chinese waitress co step 6

6. REPEAT steps 3 and 4. You now have 2 stitches on your right-hand needle.

chinese waitress co step 3

8. Repeat steps 5, 6, and 7 until you have casted on the number of stitches you need.

chinese waitress final

Tada! The finished cast-on.

I know from the photo tutorial this cast-on seems crazy, but it really is fun. Work along with the video and you'll get the hang of it.


1. When you go to bind off the stitch, hold the working yarn tight in order to tighten the last stitch on the needle. This makes it easier to bring the other stitch over it and off the needle.

2. Whether or not you knit American style, I suggest you hold the yarn in your right hand for this cast-on. Otherwise it's not really in the right place and the cast-on will be harder.

If you need a quick refresher, here's an animation of the cast-on:

chinese waitress lg

chinese waitress cast on step by step w drop shadow

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This cast-on is a small part of the video knitting course The KnitFreedom Video Guide To Cast-Ons.

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By Liat Gat - Founder
Liat Gat is the founder and video knitting expert at She gets great joy out of supporting and encouraging students through instructive videos and blog posts.

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150 thoughts on “The Chinese Waitress Cast-On – A Stretchy, Reversible Cast-On”


    This cast on is EXACTLY what I was looking for, something that would match (pretty closely) the double-chain effect of Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off. Thanks so much for posting such great pictures. You’re the best!

  2. Why the hell is this called the “Chinese Waitress” cast-on?!!! What is this racist bullshit? Also, the most convoluted way to cast-on for something that’s essentially a crochet chain with stitches picked up.

  3. Thank you so much! I tried numerous other cast-on’s over a week and could not get them to work (couldn’t “snug” them up enough), then I tried this one and it works beautifully. It’s easier, and as long as I’m careful turning the loop, it works. I especially like the nice edge it leaves. So grateful for your help. Dena

  4. Oh, thank you Liat! Just the right amount of stretch and firm edge for lace projects where stitches need to be picked up.

  5. Hello, the cast on is very pretty and easy. thank you! I was wondering if there is alternative bind off method to match this one?

  6. I love the Chinese Waitress cast on. But I’ve now found a much easier way to do it involving a crochet hook and knitting needle. You might want to pass it along to everyone.

    Wishing you all the best, each of you, as you venture forth in your knitting journey

  7. Hi, thanks for the tute. This turns out really nicely. I found it a bit fiddly turning the stitch around (step 5), so I tried taking the yarn over the top of both needles and pulling the stitch through (rather than taking the yarn over the left and under the right needle). This seems to make the stitch face the right way to begin with so I could skip step 5 and cast on quite quickly. Am I right? Has anyone else tried this?

  8. I have issues with getting a stretchy CO with any memory. I’m going to give this method a try. I know you were working on a matching cast-off… Did that happen?

    Thanks for giving us an alternative CO-ption

    1. Hi Sue,

      I think you’ll really like the cast-on. I have had a hard time coming up with a matching bind-off (and I even asked Cap Sease, who published the Chinese Waitress Cast-On in her book Cast On, Bind Off, and she couldn’t come up with one either).

      The closest I could come is either a 1-Stitch I-Cord Bind-Off or Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off.

      I detail them both in my video ebook I Love Bind-Offs. In fact, there is a special cheat sheet for matching cast-ons and bind-offs (I had to go look at it to answer this question!).

  9. I’m late to the party but found you hunting for a nice, stretchy cast on for a new project. I’ve been knitting for 60 years and never ever heard of this one. It’s perfect. I tried to follow the pictures and kept fumbling it. I’m not generally a fan of videos but yours was totally spot on. After several tries and a fair about of ripping out and starting over, I finally got it and it looks amazing and will be perfect for what I’m doing.

    Thank you so much!

    1. Thank you, Susan! I usually don’t have a lot of patience for videos either, which is why I try to get right to the point and keep mine under 3 minutes in length. Cheers!

  10. This is an amazing way to cast-on! The first few stitches are a bit awkward, but after that it really isn’t too difficult and the result is amazing! I’m sure I’ll be using this many times. Thank you so much, Liat. Great video, very well explained, and great tips. Thanks again!

  11. Thank you for posting the Chinese Waitress Cast On! It’s new to me and so easy, once my fingers gotthe hang of it. Your video is well-done and clearly understood. I’m starting a snowboarder’s beanie for my grandson, and delighted that this hat will grow with him!

  12. This cast on is exactly what I was searching for. And the video is so well done that my 10 yr old (we’re both new knitters) did the rest of the cast-on for her new mitts herself!

    Your videos really are the best out there. You saved me last summer when I dropped a stitch and didn’t know what on earth to do.

    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Ann,

      I can’t believe your 10-year-old was able to do the Chinese Waitress Cast-On — very impressive!! I love that you two are learning to knit together. I’m so blessed that you’ve come to my site for help!

      Hugs to you both.

  13. It’s much easier if you use a crochet hook on your right hand. This way you don’t have to use your fingers to pass the stitch over. Just pull it with the hook

  14. I LOVE, LOVE this CO!!! I have found the Double Cast Off is a good match. As I’ve mentioned I’m a self taught knitter. Liat, it is because of your FANTASTIC, WONDERFUL, TERRIFIC videos and pictures that allows me to accomplish techniques like the CWCO! My question is… On my 3rd baby blanket one side is a difinitite 10 rows with visibility of the edge of ‘V’ HOWEVER the other side is 8 + full visibility of ‘V’ What have I done wrong? And in this situation is there a RS and WS??? This is my 4th attempt of CO 146 and I want to get into the pattern…another new one for me Chevron Reversible Rib eeeks, wish me luck. I do have pictures but don’t know how to attach to this message :(. Thank You, Reba

  15. I’m new to your website. I have taught myself to knit via picture illustrations and/or videos. I am curious to know what pattern Juice is using for man’s scarf. I need a good pattern for several males in my family. I actually used the Chinese Waitress Cast On (84) to start a car seat blanket and although I’m not very skilled the end result was worth the time I put into it ;) Thank you for your video it was GREAT!!! Reba

  16. Great cast on for top down socks! I used a smaller crochet hook for the right hand needle, avoiding having to use my fingers to pull one loop over the other. I could just pull the loop through the other instead. Quick and smooth!

    1. I totally agree – the crochet hook is the way to go. Takes out the Awkwardness and really makes it easy and smooth.

      1. And if you bring the yarn in front of the hook instead of behind, like in the video, you don’t have to reverse the loop on the hook. I am in love with this cast on. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? :)

  17. Mary Anne from Williamsville

    Was looking for feather and fan scarf pattern and came across this Chinese waitress cast on. Just had to try it and the first two stiches were awkward but after that became easy and so much fun and I love the way it looks. Thanks for showing me a new way. Who says you can’t teach an old lady new cast ons?!?!?!

  18. Hi Liat,
    I love your Chinese Waitress Cast On. I am looking for the same beautiful “double look “for a bind off. Do you know a technique to get the same way in Binding off?
    Great thanks to share this method.

  19. Absolutely love the Chinese Waitress cast-on and i agree the name makes you chuckle. I am about 2/3 of the way through my first project using this wonderful cast-on but now I am worried that the cast-off won’t be half a great looking as the cast-on. Hoping you have success with creating a cast-off that is just as wonderful. You could even ask for suggestion for an equally intriguing name for your creation.

  20. Susan Blakes (Chicago)

    Never heard of this cast-on before. Love it. Have mastered it! I’m a tight knitter. I don’t usually use a larger needle for a cast-on, just bind-offs. I think I need to not cast on so tightly even with this one!

  21. Liat, I just love your video’s. You explain things better than all of the other video’s out there. I am a visual learner and you go at just the right pace to follow. Thank you so much for sharing your knitting experience with us.

  22. When you do this cast on do you disregard the slip knot when counting the total number of cast on stitches and then just undo it after you knit the stitch before it?

  23. eileen sorensen

    Love this cast-on and I’ve taught it to my knitting friends. It makes a lovely edge. Your videos are wonderful Liat keep them coming, I’m learning a lot. Thanks.

  24. Wow – you are absolutely amazing! You have inspired me to NO end. I absolutely love getting your emails and seeing what treasure you’re sharing with me!

    Happy stitching!

  25. I love this cast on! I’ve just started with a fan shawl project. One of those PU&K 25 stitches, CO 25 stitches..etc…I decided to try this cast on because I wanted the edge of the fan that was not attatched to the other fans to lay nice and flat. I love how it is turning out. from the first few fans I have done it looks like I won’t have to go all around the edge with a single crochet to clean up the outside edges. YAY!! *spins around in happy circles*
    Once you get the rhythm of the moves it’s easy. I can see me using this a lot in the future.
    As always, Liat, YOU ROCK!!!!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  26. Hi all,
    I really like this cast on but feel like I’m all thumbs at the present time. lol I am a continental style knitter so throwing and holding my yarn from my right hand is not natural for me. I will keep practicing and hopefully I’ll get better. I have a lace shawl that has lots of stiches to be cast on I hope I can do well with the lace yarn. I’ll let you know how it goes if anyone is interested.

      1. Hi I too knite contintenntal and I did it in my way holding the yarn with my left hand puting it on the needle the same way and even knitting both loops with the left hand needle and it goes very nicely. you can try it.

  27. Thanks for guiding my fingers to perform this super cool cast on, Liat! Can’t wait to introduce this to customer/friends at Spin a Yarn, my yarn shop in Maine!

  28. Have you come up with a matching bind-off?
    I used this to cast-on for a wrap and am almost to the end of the 72″!!! I would like them to look the same since this is folded in half and you will be able to see both.
    Any luck with the bind-off yet?



    Hi Liat,
    I got a little further questions …. I bought your book Guide to Cast-Ons. I’m not very good with computers …. I have access to it than with an internet link? I can download to my computer? What do I do when I have internet?

    Thanks a lot for the book is great!

    1. Hi Carmen,

      Yes, the class is accessed via the link you received when you made your purchase. Right now, the class is only available via the link, but when the new site is rolled out, you’ll be able to view all of your e-books offline. :)

  30. I love this. I tried it while watching the video. I just hope I can remember all of it when I try it again. lol Thanks for another great learning experience.

  31. Liked the name and thought why not look? So glad I did! Slow to start socks that go top down cos I don’t like the cast on result this looks likeI may get another pair on the needles. Suggestion- only cos I have them but have you used Portugese needles. That puts a hook in your right hand and a point in your left, they make them in small sizes good for my sock yarn.

  32. Dear Liat,

    I just came back indoors from a sunny afternoon of knitting in my garden. There I cast on a “Dzonba” (Himalayan slippers) with the waitress cast-on but was a bit annoyed about how long it takes to slip the second over the first stitch, nsert the needle the other way, then saw the double-ended Clover crochet hook in my bits-n-pieces-box. I switched to the hook and the cast-on was done in a lot shorter time.
    So I wanted to recommend that to you.
    Noticing others had the crochet hook idea, too makes me smile big time :o) Worlwide knitting brains unite!
    As to a matching bind-off I’d say that Jeny’s surprisingly stretchy bind off has the equivalent look of a nice chain as the waitress cast-on. I use it very often for its stretchiness and nice finish for toe-up socks and fingerless mittens.

  33. So good to have you back and I hope in good health., Like everyone is. Beinga teacher myself I met lot of other teachers here in Israel and on the net and you are one of the very best. You showed me how to overcome the problen I had with my eyes when I uesd DPNs and lost one and could not pic up the stiches I lerned from you how to use Judey’s majic circle insted. and much more after knitting socks for 35 years cuff down I am knitting them now gladly toes up 2 at a time. I have seen this cast on /on youtube but as usurl your film and the way you expline thing is better and it is a very good haveing picturers and written explanation. thank you so much.

  34. Teresa L Dorminey

    Wow! I hadn’t thought ahead to applications like buttonholes, or casting on at the end of a row. Now we really need a matching bind-off to use for button holes. What a terrific idea, opens up lots of possibilities. THANK you!

  35. Just did the cast-on & love it. What a great edge. Nest time will try using a crochay hook think it might be faster. What a lovely edge. Wish I would have known it last year when I made Hats for everyone. The vidio is great. Thanks Sooo much!

  36. Love it!
    What would this be used for? I agree with several others, is there a bind off? Great to have you and your calm, clear instructional videos back!

    1. Hi Kristin,

      Thank you! It’s so good to be back. I am going to experiment with creating a matching bind-off – I bet I can come up with something! As far as what it could be used for, you could use it to cast on for hats or any other edge where you don’t want it to curl… you can use it on Stockinette or ribbing… or any time you need to add stitches in the middle of your project, like for buttonholes.

  37. I love adding to an ever-growing collection of knitting tips and tricks. I found the Chinese Waitress cast on technique on Pinterest. I didn’t know about you before that. I can use you both as a personal resource, and also as a reference site for customers. They always appreciate new sources.

    Barb Day

    1. Barb, that is fabulous! I’m happy you want to tell your customers about my videos. If they can look up different techniques at home when they are stuck, they will finish projects faster and come back to you and buy more yarn! I definitely see it as a win-win. I’ll email you to see if you’d like some business cards or gauge-checker bookmarks to hand out. Thanks!

  38. I have never heard of this cast-on and I can’t wait to try it. It looks so nice and seems to be very straight forward. Thanks for a great tutorial.

  39. Where does that name come from? It’s terrible, like something left over from the 50’s when prejudice was more prevalent. But I’d like to know, so at least I can understand why such a cool cast-on has such a name.

  40. This cast on looks like fun and I would like to use it to start the sleeve cuffs of a sweater. Liat, do you think this would make a good start for a cuff ?

    1. Hey Rob,

      Yes, I think it would make a nice start for a sweater cuff. It works well with ribbing and it doesn’t curl. It does leave a distinctive edge but it is pretty low-profile. Make a little tube swatch and see how it looks, and let us know!

  41. Love the are so easy to follow…love your voice…and looking forward to trying the cast on..

  42. Welcome back we missed you. Thank you for the great video of the Chinese Waitress Cast on. I love the finished look, very nice. Keep the newsletters coming They are great
    Thank You

    1. Hi Arkie,

      I’m delighted that you like my little newsletters. I certainly will keep them coming! I’ve got tons of videos to film for you….

  43. Marilyn Dedeaux

    I have never heard of this cast on. However, it was great fun learning how to
    do it. Your video was great!

  44. The Chinese Waitress cast on is intriguing!! I love the video and will definitely try it. Love your videos, so very clear and precise. Easy to understand. Thank you!

    1. Hi there, I’m going to email you and help you get signed up so that you get the next post in your email. Thanks for letting me know you about this issue.

  45. didn’t receive a email to join. But love the next cast on and would love to learn more from this site

  46. Love the Name and the cast-on. I relly enjoy these little tibits. It makes me strive todo more with my knitting.
    Thank you!

  47. This looks very similar to the crochet provisional cast on, also a pretty result. I use the crochet provisional cast on all the time. I’ve never removed it, but I have added crochet edging to it. How do the results differ between Chinese Cast on and crochet provisional cast on?

    1. Hi Mary,

      If you like the look of the crochet provisional cast-on but you don’t plan to remove it, you can just do the regular chained cast-on (crochet cast-on). It’s included in the upcoming course on cast-ons. As far as how this cast-on and the crochet provisional cast-ons differ, the Chinese Waitress cast-on makes a double-edge – a chain along the right and wrong sides.

  48. I had not heard of this cast on before but the name intrigues me. I am anxious to try this on my next knitting project. I did notice the similarity to the cable cast on method which I use often. Thanks for the new knowledge

  49. Firstly, I have so missed your regular emails popping into my inbox. It’s great that you’re back. I’ve missed you!

    I love both the name of this cast on (where does it come from?) and the fun of construction. As soon as I finish one of my WsIP, I will be having a go at it but hey, I have to have to have a little discipline round here. Exactly how many WsIP do I have??? :)

    1. Hey Cathy, thank you! It is SO wonderful to be back. I’ve got ideas for videos coming out of my ears!

      This cast-on is so named because it was taught to Cap Sease’s friend by a Chinese waitress in a Beijing restaurant. Happily for us!

  50. This begins like Jeny’s Super Stretchy Cast on and that is what I first thought it was. But it ends differently. Surprise!

    The crochet hook idea is great.

  51. I like the cast-on and will try it on my next project. Question, when doing this cast on does it change what type of stitch to knit for the next row. In regular cast on the next row is a purl row or wrong side, and most patterns are written to allow for the purl row or wrong side of the project. Thanks for the video.

    1. Hi Rose,

      Since this is a completely reversible cast-on, you can start with the wrong-side row or the right-side row- it doesn’t matter. The only thing that will change is the way the stitches along the bottom will be running.

  52. HI Liat!!
    … I really like this cast – on.. I could not wait to try it…

    As I was learning it, (by watching your always fantastic instructions) I decided to use a crochet hook for the right hand needle.. By doing that, I was able to bring the new stitch through to the front and through the loop already on the right hand needle for the ‘bind-off’ all in one step.. then, I could change the direction of the stitch on the needle by swinging the crochet hook with the yarn in back and move on to the next stitch with the crochet hook in the ready position eliminating the need to use my left hand to do the bind off part..
    … This cast-on has such a nice finished look… and once you get going, the rhythm of it goes very smoothly..
    Thanks again Liat for your informative teaching style

  53. I was wondering about this for socks as well. I made only one pair of socks using a long-tail caston, which was kind of stiff for the cuff but since my daughter has skinny legs it worked. If this is stretchy enough to go over my fat feet but not lose its shape I think I’d love it!

    Thank you for showing us all these wonderful techniques!

    1. Hi Tara,

      Yes, this cast-on is very stretchy. It would work nicely for socks, and it looks good with both ribbing and stockinette stitch. You’re welcome and I’m glad you are enjoying these videos!

  54. Madeleine Lindsay

    Love this. It is so, so pretty. I’m wondering if this new book will be added to the Knitting Superstar program automatically, or will it be a separate purchase? I’m looking forward to the book for sure and will be trying this new cast on this afternoon. Can you please give me a “heads up” on the date it may come out and what the cost will be? I am one of those who are low-income (I guess everyone is these days) and who gets paid only once a month so I would like to work it into my May budget if possible.

    Liat, I so appreciate your knowledge, your wonderful ability to teach, and your sweet spirit. You are SO easy to follow. Thanks so much for all you do to help us. I ALWAYS love your newsletters and save most of them. SO, SOOOO glad you are back.


    1. Hi Maddi,

      I’m so glad you’re excited about the new course! It will be a separate purchase but I hope it will fit into your budget because I’ve kept the price as low as possible. It comes out for subscribers only on Friday, May 10th and, with the discount code you’ll be getting, it will be less than $20. Does that work for you?

      And you have made me all warm and fuzzy inside from your sweet compliments! Making videos for you and all my students is what makes me excited to get out of bed in the morning and go to work, so I should be thanking YOU! Thank you! :D

  55. When I want the cast on and bind off to match, I use the crochet cast on. True you need a crochet hook, but it’s much faster.

    1. I agree the crochet cast on is much easier and I even do a slip stitch bind off so all my sides match

  56. The name caught my attention so I had to view the video….it’s great and I will be using it often because of the “cool” look and I don’t like having to figure out how much yarn to use to cast on AND then it comes out too much left over. Thanks for sharing.

    Is there a similar bind-off way? If not, could you, in all your wonderful brilliance of ideas think up one for us? :-)

    1. Hey Kathi,

      I agree! I couldn’t have said it better myself – this cast-on has a lot going for it. And I am definitely going to play with inventing a matching bind-off. Stay tuned!

  57. I was about to cast for a cable sweater using the cable cast o, but now I want to use the Chinese Waitress Cast On, pattern calls for #9 needles, because this seems “loose” the cast on should I stay with the #9 needles or should I go up to a #10 needle.
    So happy you’re back.

    1. Mario, I’m glad to be back! Since the cast-on is a little loose, you’d actually want to go down to size 8 or even 7 needles. I think it will make a beautiful edge to your cable sweater.

  58. Hi! I tried this Chineese Waitress and it is totally cool….great for lace work, sock cuff down socks, sweater edging, etc. I wonder, does this have a similar bind off?

  59. I have heard of this cast on before. I do intend to try it for the next thing I knit that needs a stretchy cast on. But I need to find out what bind off will look good with it and be as stretchy. I plan to knit a scarf for my husband in linen stitch the length of the scarf and need matching stretchy cast on and bind off for it.

    1. Hi Barbara,

      I don’t know if I would use this cast-on for a length-wise scarf, since it will probably take about 30 minutes just to cast-on, but it’s up to you! I’m working on a matching bind-off and will post here if I come up with one.

  60. I am starting a mans scarf today with alpaca and have been struggling with other COs, this is perfect and sooooo timely. Thx again…Juice

  61. How totally fun! Thank you for bringing this ‘new’ cast on to the world! I cannot wait to try it. I think it will be great on a ‘hex-a-puff’!

    I agree with Jan….you have been missed and it is so nice to have you back.
    thank you for all of your hard work.

  62. Im new to knitting, so yes, this is wild. Im sure this has already been answered but why are there so many different cast on methods and how do you decide which cast on method to use? Are they all interchangeable regardless of project?

    1. Hi Sam, great question! I go over that concept in detail in the upcoming Guide to Cast-Ons that is coming out this Friday. I think it will answer all your questions and give you a good understanding of when to use which cast-on.

  63. I love your videos! They are always so professional! This looks so cool…will definitely buy the book when you release it. I will learn so much!

    Question…when knitting mittens, there is that spot in the pattern where I need cast on stitches over the thumb gore. It inevitably feels really weird to me. I think I usually do some sort of backward loop thing. Do you have a favorite method to accomplish this?? I’m sure there are several methods, and probably all will be in this new book…which is EXACTLY why I’ll buy it! Thanks so much!!

  64. Thank you for an excellent video! I love short-tail cast-ons, because I’m apt to waste less expensive yarn with them than with a long-tail cast-on! Thanks again (:

        1. Eureka! Follow that video, but YO backwards. This will twist the YO st and make the chain on that side look more chainlike.

  65. Wilda McLaughlin

    The name is enough to make me want to try it. How would it be for socks? I don’t want to make socks and have the tops stretch all out of shape so have been slow to knit them in spite of the fact that I have some gorgeous sock yarns.

    1. Oh no! Why would the tops stretch all out of shape? If you use the right cast-on that should never happen. The Alternating Old Norwegian is a great one for the tops of socks – stretchy AND sturdy. I have a video on it in the upcoming ebook, due out this Friday, May 10th.

  66. I had not heard of the Chinese Waitress cast on….but I love it! Can’t wait to try it. On a side note, it is great to see emails from you again! You were missed….and no one…NO ONE does videos as well as you!

    1. Teresa L Dorminey

      I watched the video last night – first one I have understood on this technique! – knitted about 10 rows to practice my knit backwards, laid it aside and went to bed.
      This morning picked it up to play some more and guess what I saw— the stockinette HAD NOT CURLED! Could this finally be the answer to the age-old cry of how to prevent stockinette curl without ribs, seed st borders, etc?

      I did notice that the sts of the first row (the cast-on row) were longer than the sts in following rows. Could that be why, Liat? Should they be longer, or is that a problem in my technique?

      Looking forward to the new course for answers, Liat!

      1. Hey Teresa,

        Yay! Love that you practiced it on a little swatch. And YES, it really doesn’t curl – I’ve notice that too! I didn’t even have to block my stockinette-stitch swatch to make it lay flat. Maybe we do finally have the answer!

        I will make sure I address all your questions in the new course… it comes out this Friday May 10th!


      2. I love this pretty,stretchy cast on! I love the way it looks. You get used to the rythm of it fairly quickly. I used my needle to pass st over, then turn the stitch. One thing that has been bugging me… I want to find a cast off that sort of matches it… When making a cowl it is nice to have both edges sort of match…

        1. Hi Joan,
          I completely agree! It’s been hard to find a cast-off that matches – I even asked Cap Sease, the author of the Chinese Waitress Cast-On, if she could come up with a matching bind-off for my readers, but neither of us has been able to.

          In my I Love Bind-Offs video ebook I have a whole table of matching cast-ons and bind-offs. The two that are closest to matching the Chinese Waitress Cast-On are Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off and a one-stitch I-cord bind-off (both of which are demonstrated in the ebook).

          I hope this helps!

    2. Thank you so much for this video. I love this stitch and will be using it from now on. Kudos to that waitress in Beijing as well

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