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Cable With Confidence Class On Sale Now! 40% Off Through August 31, 2022

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Cable With Confidence Class On Sale Now! 40% Off Through August 31, 2022

Liat Gat - Founder

August 23, 2022

Cable With Confidence ebook cover on sale now 81822Fear of making mistakes holds too many knitters back from trying advanced cable patterns.

It’s no longer an issue!

With our newly-updated 27-video Cable with Confidence class, you can now approach any cable project, beginner to advanced, with total confidence.

On sale now through August 31, 2022.

Why is Confidence So Important in Knitting Cables?

Cabling involves manipulating stitches and needles in new ways. It can be physically challenging to move the stitches around and get them to go where you want them to go,, until you learn the best ways to do so, of course.

It also involves stitches that move and twist around each other, which seems like it would make fixing mistakes that much trickier.
Fixing stitches on cable knitting lg 82322

Fixing mistakes on cables can be straightforward once you know how.

Cabled Legwamers White with Buttons sm 81922 1But there is nothing about cable knitting that is out of your reach!

Just understanding why cables work the way they do, which you’ll learn in this class, along with the techniques and tips we teach, will help you follow any chart, fix any mistake, and knit any cable pattern with confidence.

Amazing Projects You Can Make With Cables

Once you can knit cables, you can add texture and character to hats, sweaters, socks, and mittens; make reversible cabled garments like scarves and blankets; you can even add cables to Fair-Isle knitting and Brioche knitting to create eye-popping colorful designs.

What about Cable Needles? Do I Need One?

11 Bulky Cabled Legwarmers Row 11 C4R WITH a Cable Needle video screenshot 082022A cable needle is a very short knitting needle with points at both ends. You can use a cable needle to reserve some stitches while knitting others, thus making cables.

However, you do not need a cable needle to create most cables. With the right know-how, you can safely rearrange stitches to create cables on-the-go without buying any special equipment!

Our course teaches you to cable confidently with and without a cable needle so you can choose the method that works for you. My preference is to cable without a cable needle because I think it is faster, easier, and more fun.

Don’t let cabling scare you! Learn step-by-step with me today.

I have taught dozens of students live and hundreds of students around the world though video classes to cable with confidence. Here’s how to learn:
Ready to go from feeling confused and overwhelmed by charted or written cable patterns, to being able to create any type of cable with confidence?

Snag this class while it is on sale at 40% off! Ends August 31, 2022.​
P.S. This course will set you up to be able to knit any written or charted cable project.

On our main project, Bulky Cabled Legwarmers with Buttons
, you’ll learn how to:
  • Read a cable chart instead of a written pattern
  • Think about and understand the many different cable abbreviations
  • Keep track of your pattern progress without counting rows
  • Perform a Twist 3 Left, Twist 3 Right, Cable 4 Left, and Cable 4 Right
  • Cable with and without a cable needle
  • Create a two-row buttonhole
  • Avoid, undo, and fix beginner-to-advanced cabling mistakes
  • Read your work and recognize your stitches so you don’t get confused, and
  • Securely attach buttons and make a twisted-cord tie
Plus, with our NEW Palindrome Scarf BONUS videos, you’ll also learn how to: Palindrome Reversible Cabled Scarf
  • Work large (8-stitch) reversible cables without a cable needle
  • Remove rows of knitting and get them back on your needle
  • Find out which row you’re on by looking at your knitting
  • And more!
If you do not want to knit a whole project just to get the hang of cables, I include two in-depth cable-without-a-cable-needle videos that teach you how to read charts and knit simple and complex cables on practice swatches. That way you can learn the techniques right away and apply them to any cabled project you want to get started on.

Complex Cables In our third and fourth BONUS cable chart videos, you’ll learn how to:
  • C4R without a cable needle
  • C4L without a cable needle
  • T4R without a cable needle
  • T4L without a cable needle
  • T3R without a cable needle
  • T3L without a cable needle
  • Read chart symbols and remember how to make sense of them
  • Maintain great tension, keep your place in your knitting and on your chart, and figure out where you are if you ever get lost.

All Techniques Demonstrated American (English) and Continental Style

If you’re the kind of knitter that needs to see exactly what all stitches and techniques are supposed to look like, you’re in luck! We demonstrate every technique with the yarn held in both the left and right hands so that no matter which way you knit, you’ll see clearly what you need to see.

I hope you’ll join me in learning Cables while this great class is on sale!

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Stop making these common mistakes and knit with confidence

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