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Become a Knitting Superstar™

Brioche Knitting Class On Sale Now! 30% Off Through July 31, 2022

Liat Gat - Founder

July 25, 2022

Learning Brioche can be overwhelming. There are strange new abbreviations to learn, and it can be hard to wrap your head around what exactly you’re doing. But Brioche is easier thank you think!

Our 20-video series teaches you the four steps of learning Brioche so you can create any Brioche project with confidence.

Brioche knitting cover on sale now If you’ve ever wanted to try Brioche knitting, now is the perfect time to get started.

I’ve created a 20-video series teaching you each of the four steps of knitting Brioche so you can take on any Brioche project with confidence.

On sale now through July 31, 2022.

What is Brioche knitting, anyway?

Brioche knitting is a way of using knits, purls, slipped stitches, and yarnovers to create a stretchy, ribbing-like fabric. The columns are pronounced and, even when using two colors, the project is reversible. Each side shows one of the colors more dominantly.

Two-Color Brioche Swatch Brioche knitting can be used to create any kind of project or garment,
including hats, scarves, shawls, and sweaters. You can increase,
decrease, and make cable-like designs with colorful curves and swirls.

Amazing Projects You Can Make With Brioche

What Are Some of the Challenges Involved in Learning Brioche?

Brioche knitting uses new abbreviations, invented by Nancy Marchant, along with standard abbreviations, to denote how to create the Brioche stitch.

While you can learn to read your work and know what to do on the different rows without having to follow the abbreviations, you’ll still
need to understand how to read them in order to follow patterns.

The abbreviations include brk (pronounced “bark”), which I re-write as “br-k” (think “Brioche knit”) and brp (pronouned “burp”), which I re-write as “br-p” (think “Brioche purl”). Brioche knitting also includes the standard abbreviations sl1wyib (slip one with yarn in back) and sl1wyif (slip one with yarn in front), as well as using the k2tog (knit two together) and p2tog (purl two together) movements to create the Brioche knit and purl stitches.

But don’t let this scare you off! Brioche knitting is easier than you think.

Below I’ll outline a four-step method that you can use to easily learn and get comfortable with Brioche knitting.

Ready to go from feeling confused or overwhelmed by Brioche knitting, to feeling confident in reading Brioche patterns and following abbreviations?

Snag this class while it is on sale at 30% off! Ends July 31, 2022.

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Do you have a question about learning Brioche? Any favorite patterns you’d like to share? Please leave a comment and also post any photos of your finished Brioche projects here!
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