Brioche Knitting Video E-Book is Here

Good morning lovely blog readers!

Brioche Knitting Video E-Book
Just a quick announcement
to let you know that (finally) the Brioche Knitting class is hot off the presses - snag your copy today!

BONUS: Free iPhone app included! BONUS #2: Full video download included FREE! Now you can watch all 20 videos on your computer without being connected to the Internet!

>>Check Out The Brioche Video E-Book<<


PS The first 11 buyers get an autographed copy of the e-book!
(How do you autograph an e-book? You'll have to find out!)

By Liat Gat - Founder
Liat Gat is the founder and video knitting expert at She gets great joy out of supporting and encouraging students through instructive videos and blog posts.

9 thoughts on “Brioche Knitting Video E-Book is Here”

  1. It would be wonderful if there could be a very small sample online of what the ebook is like. I’m very interested, but reluctant to spend so much without having a glimpse as to what the book is like.

    1. Hi Vicki,

      Thank you so much for your suggestion! I think that’s a great idea and I can definitely work on making a sample download. I will let you know when it’s ready!

    1. Yes, if you are going to knit a brioche project in the round on a standard circular needle, you will have no problem following the video and knowing what to do, as long as you feel comfortable with the technique. It is much easier than doing it on Magic Loop!

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