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Birthday Party! 50% Off Sale TODAY ONLY, Plus Yarn Giveaway, Book Announcement, Media Blitz, And More

Blog » News » Birthday Party! 50% Off Sale TODAY ONLY, Plus Yarn Giveaway, Book Announcement, Media Blitz, And More

Birthday Party! 50% Off Sale TODAY ONLY, Plus Yarn Giveaway, Book Announcement, Media Blitz, And More

Liat Gat - Founder

September 29, 2012

Cupcake with 2 candlesHuzzah! KnitFreedom is turning two years old today, and we are celebrating – with a sale, prizes, and more!

What good stuff do I have in store for you today?

white cupcakeA huge 50%-off one-day-only sale for subscribers.

white cupcakeA media blitz contest with a prize of gorgeous Malabrigo yarn.

white cupcakeNews about my first knitting book and when it’s coming out.

white cupcakeDetails about the new app, the new website, and the topic of the next video e-book.

Today is your chance to get a bunch of new e-books for 50% off, celebrate the birthday of the knitting website you love, and possibly get two skeins of gorgeous Malabrigo yarn on your doorstep. So let’s get this party started!

Join The Media Blitz and Win Malabrigo Yarn

How to join: Tell everyone you know about KnitFreedom’s birthday and 50%-off sale. Last year, KnitFreedom readers burned up the Internet, posting and sharing KnitFreedom’s birthday sale all over the web.

This year, there are four times the number of KnitFreedom followers (19,242, as of today). Let’s see how big of a splash you can make – your posts earn you a chance to win this gorgeous yarn:
Blue-green-purple Malabrigo RastaThese two skeins of Malabrigo Rasta were a gift from Malabrigo founder and color-expert Antonio, and I’m celebrating by giving them away!

How To Win: Share This Post And Comment Back To Enter The Giveaway

What To Post About?

  • Do you love being confident and happy when you knit? Share it!
  • Do you love getting free Magic Loop hat, sock, and mitten patterns? Share it!
  • Do you love being cheered on and encouraged by a knitting teacher who believes in you 100%? Share it!

Your knitting success is what KnitFreedom is all about – it’s why I run this website, write blog posts, email video tips, design free patterns, film video ebooks, and answer your knitting questions in the forum – it’s all to help you be the happiest, most confident knitter you can be.

Let’s spread that goodness! Click any of the sharing buttons at the bottom of this page and share this sale with someone. Share this post on Ravelry, Knitting Paradise, on your blog or website, tell your friend to come sign up for the newsletter… Share on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter – whatever you want.

Then, come back and post in the comments and tell me what you did – your comment will get you entered into a drawing for the two skeins of beautiful Malabrigo Rasta in the picture above. Then…

Shop The One-Day Only Sale! Transform Your Knitting Skills At 50% Off, Today Only

I have never, ever done a 50%-off sale before. But because all of the dedicated, enthusiastic students and followers on this site have made it what it is today, I want to say thank you with this huge sale.

Note: This sale is ONLY for KnitFreedom subscribers. I’m not publishing the secret coupon code ANYWHERE on the Internet – not on Facebook or Twitter or Ravelry or here on the blog. You must check your email for the code.

To subscribe to KnitFreedom today and get your 50%-off code, click here.

Already got your secret code, good for 50% off every video class you buy today? Shop the freshly-made-over KnitFreedom store now!

Today only sale sign
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News: “Become a Fearless Knitter” To Be Published in September of 2013

Yes, that’s right – I’ve got a contract with a major publisher! I’ll be writing a remarkable new knitting book called Become a Fearless Knitter.

I’ll be working with Wiley Craft – the same folks who published the …For Dummies books and Teach Yourself Visually… Knitting.

Want more details?

  • The book will take knitters all the way from learning the purl stitch through knitting toe-up, two-at-a-time socks. Fearlessly.
  • Topics include Lace, Cables, Magic Loop (of course), plus a bunch of new patterns.
  • It will also have tons of photos and links to KnitFreedom videos for the tricky bits.

Basically, it’s going to be awesome – the best knitting resource that has ever been written. Of course I’ll be announcing more details here as the time gets closer – KnitFreedom readers will be first in line to get signed books and other freebies.

Announcing The New Website, New App, And The Topic Of The Next Video E-Book

Over the past two years, I’ve been hearing your frustrations and collecting your suggestions about how could be much better.

  • You want to be able to access your e-books without remembering a bunch of passwords.
  • You want to be able to watch videos on your iPads, Kindle Fires, Androids, and smartphones without having to download huge files.
  • You want to watch videos offline as you travel in your RV.

Most of these changes can’t be done here on this site. That’s why I’ve been working on a major overhaul, the first tidbits of which you’re hearing about now.

A New App Will Replace The Downloadable E-Books

Instead of downloading a PDF on your computer or an iBooks version on your iPad, all your e-books and free patterns will live in a synchronized desktop and mobile app.

As soon as you buy an e-book, it will start downloading to the app, and you’ll be able to watch the videos online or offline once it’s downloaded, and I’ll be speeding up the downloads with new video-compression tricks and software.

The New Website Will Keep Your E-Books, Favorites, and Forum Posts In A Personal Dashboard

The new will be a sign-in site just like Facebook – once you’re signed in, you can access your ebooks, look at any of the free patterns, post in the forum, mark posts as favorites, add e-books to wishlists, give gift certificates, and a lot more.

Plus, you’ll never have to see a “sign-up here” form again! Yes, the new site will already know you’re signed in.

I’ll be giving you more updates as things move along, and I’ll surely be enlisting some of you adventurous readers as beta testers for the new site. Yippee!

The Topic Of The Next KnitFreedom Video E-Book Is… Beginner and Intermediate Lace

KnitFreedom subscribers voted on which ebook they wanted to see next, and Lace was the most popular choice. Basic sweaters, custom-fit sweaters, and Entrelac knitting weren’t far behind, so those will be next.

I hope to bring you the Lace e-book on the new app – but that will depend on lots of different pieces coming together, so we will have to see.

So, It’s Time To Celebrate!
Share This Post And Shop The Sale

Today only sale sign

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Thanks for helping make KnitFreedom’s second birthday a wonderful one. I love you all!

swirly divider

Update: Thank you so much for all of your fabulous entries! This contest is over and we’ve selected our winner, but please feel free to leave a comment.

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Stop making these common mistakes and knit with confidence

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  1. I have actually learned to knit from your knitting superstar program. I am ready to try the pattern for toe up socks 2 at a time with worsted weight yarn and size 8 needles. I’m so very excited

  2. Love the idea of an app. So excited about my new interest in knitting–due to your videos. My knit store had told and shown me how to do M1L and M1R several years ago, but I just couldn’t under-stand until I saw your video. Your site has renewed my love for knitting, and I have more confidence I’ll have a great finished product. I’ve shared the site with others! Also, I’ve purchased the same color yarn you are giving away and know I love it. I used it for my first ever pair of socks–they are a perfect fit. Hope my name is drawn.

  3. Hi, Liat. Happy birthday! I am 60 years old and have been knitting on and off since I was 9. I have learnt more since I discovered your blog this year than I learnt in all the other years. You have made knitting new and exciting again!

  4. Congratulations on your completing your second year on the Net, Lait. I’ve enjoyed your tutorials in the past and look forward to spending lots of time with the ones I bought in your very generous sale.

  5. Happy Birthday liat and Knit Freedom I look forward to learning Magic Loop for knitting socks and for the energetic support that comes forward thru your tutorials Knit On!

  6. Happy 2nd Birthday. And best wishes for many more. Thank you for sharing your wonderful knowledge. Your videos are great. I have 5 now and so there’s no excuse not to become a fantastic knitter! Congratulations on your book deal – I look forward to hearing more.

  7. Happy 2nd Birthday!! I am so glad I discovered you on youtube last year!

    Thank you so very much for the coupon! I am so excited about the classes I was able to sign up for.

    I don’t do the social media thing, but I am always making sure that a skilled knitting friend of mine, and a few beginners, know about you . . . I did that today too. :)

  8. happy birthday, liat!
    could you please tell me the difference between the 2 toe up sock classes- toe up socks and magic loop toe up socks. i want to try one of them and im not sure which is the best for me. i also want to get in on the sale. thanks

  9. Hello Liat!!!! I’m so proud of you! 2 years! I’m so glad I found you on youtube :) I shared on my twitter, facebook, email :) And thx for the 50% off sale!! whoop whoop


  10. shared on facebook! i’m grateful for your emails. they have helped so much with my knitting progress, and your knit faster tutorial is great! congrats on the upcoming book, and please keep all the useful info coming!

  11. Happy Birthday, KnitFreedom, and thank you Liat for sharing your wealth of knowledge with all of us. the past two years. I’ve only “known” you a few months and I’ve learned so much. I happened upon you on the Internet as a frustrated beginner knitter who just “couldn’t get it” and was desparately looking for some online videos that I could play again and again until I got it right. Your videos are so well done that I feel confident the first time I watch them that I can master the skill or technique that your teaching and have the confidence to try my hand(s) at it. After trying two of your other courses, I bought the “Becoming a Knitting Superstar” and I am so glad I did as it is my go-to resource for all kinds of questions. With your birthday gift to us, I’m expanding my library to include the videos on knitting mittens two at a time and mastering cables. Thank you for sharing these with me at a price I can afford !! Congratulations on being the best knitting resource on the Web.

  12. Congrats to you Liat…I have only been knitting and crocheting for 5 months (self taught) but after finding you,there’s really no other LEARNING site for me and I highly recommend you to everyone I know ,including my sister who has been doing knitting for yearsss BUT was looking for an easy pair of socks to knit,so I hooked her up with you and she was sooooo happy with your toes up socks..the newest one with the new heal!!! so WE BOTH Thank You for being a true artist in this field!!! and Iam thrilled that your going even more techno in this too as I use electronicic everything!!! lol
    Happy Birthday with many,many more fullfilled ones ahead!!!
    I have pinned you and F.B.’ed you so all my friend who knit know all abut it too !!!
    Blessed Be Liat

  13. Liat – This is all so Very exciting! I’m happy for you and I know this is just the beginning of a long and successful career. Happy birthday and keep shining – Hugs

  14. Congrats on the b-day, Liat! Shared this with my fellow yarn junkies on Pinterest and FB! So excited to take advantage of your awesome sale- thanks!

  15. Congratulations Liat on KNITFreedom’s 2nd birthday!
    I posted on FB and Pinned on Pinterest.
    OoH! What I could make with that Rasta, given all the things I’ve learned from you!
    Thanks so much
    Can’t wait for all the new developments to materialize!

  16. I posted this on FB. Congratulations with the book! The changes are exciting…. access anytime to your ebook videos!! Thank you SO much for this wonderful idea you implemented 2 years ago; your ebooks have
    helped me so much. I love how you explain things so carefully.

  17. I shared on facebook saying that ‘Liat is the bomb!” Just discovered you whilst trying to learn magic loop. I had taken out several books and watched countless you tube videos with no luck. Then I found your video and it was like, “oh, I get it!!”. Thank you!!!

  18. Congratulations on your success! I can’t wait to see your new book. I love your informative site, patterns, and videos. I shared on Facebook.

  19. Happy birthday Liat!! Your videos are absolutely fantastic and have helped me conquer many “speedbumps” in my knitting road. And I LOVED the Malabrigo yarn factory video. Anyone could tell how excited you were to be there and sharing it with us. Thanks for the birthday coupon! I purchased your Ultimate Knitting Course and I’m really looking forward to digging in. I shared your birthday blog on Pinterest and Facebook. Good luck with your pending ventures!

  20. Happy 2nd birthday!! Knitting is my first love and passion, and has kept me calm and happy through any trials and tribulations I went through. It was also a way to connect with family and has brought an immense amount of happiness to my life. Thanks for helping in that journey Knit Freedom!

  21. Happy 2nd Birthday Knit Freedom. Just started knitting this past year and this site has been my lifeline. The learning videos are FANTASTIC ! the patterns are awesome and well Lia is great as well and she always has great posts and information on the site is so good. I check it atleast once a day sometimes two or three. Congrats on your increased sucess this year and Happy Birthday !!! Also, post on twitter !!!!

  22. Alexa Terni Martindale

    Congrats on the book deal! Love your tips…they are shot so well and are soooo super easy to visually follow. Thanks:)
    PS did you live in Aspen in mid 80’s-90’s?

  23. I shared your 2nd Birthday News on FB, and am so happy to be a loyal follower of your newsletters. The Rasta Blue Yarn would make some awesome slippers, I bet!

  24. Malabrigo is my very most favorite yarn. I said so in a comment for my Pin about it. Happy Birthday to a great site. A real asset to the knitting world. I also Liked you on FB.

  25. Congratulations on two successful years–it looks like there are many more on the horizon! I tweeted the news and I tried to share it on facebook, but I’m not sure the link was working…will try again later!

  26. Happy 2nd birthday!! I hope it still is where you are, as it’s tomorrow here in NZ! I have facebooked ya, and have told some actual people about it!!!

    I can’t wait for the lace book!

    Beth x

  27. claire graham-smith

    I posted to Face Book. I raved about Knit freedom being the best online knitting help with professional videos. Just ordered the Superstar eBook- i was going to get it anyway, so the sale is a bonus. On my 3rd pair of toe ups socks 2@x- still having trouble with holes in the gusset increases.. but I’m determined to succeed. I knit all the way driving to hear Kaffe Fasset last night. Now he does amazing knitting!!

  28. CONGRATS. I am now offically broke. I have all of your e-books and open nthem often. I amlooking forward to all you offer in the future. THANKS THANKS THANKS FORALL YOUR HARDWORK

  29. Happy 2nd Birthday Liat and KnitFreedom. I love my Knitting Superstar ebook and have recommended your site to all of my knitting friends and wannabies. I forwarded your Birthday email to all four of my knitting groups and have posted it on FB. I would love to win the Rasta yarn which is in my favorite colors.

  30. Happy 2nd Birthday Liat and KNITFreedom!! As I have said before, you are a GENIUS! I think your website is wonderful and to imagine it getting better gives me chill bumps!! I help teach knitting at my LYS and your site has made me a better knitter and a better teacher. You go GIRL!!!

    I shared on facebook – would have pinned on Pinterest, but don’t know how it works yet!

  31. Happy birthday and many more. I’m looking forward to the new website.
    I pinned the sale and facebooked it. Hoping to win!
    Keep up the good work.

  32. Bon anniversaire. Longue vie à toi pour ton implication dans le monde du tricot.
    Happy birthday and long life to you for your input in the world of knitting.
    I found your patterns and videos very easy to follow …even for a French speaking person.

  33. You are awesome and I’m sooooooooo excited for your success!!! The same way I rave about your Knitting Superstar e-book is the same way I’ll be going nuts for your first published book!!! Congrats and Happy Second Birthday!!!!

  34. Happy Birthday! Congratulations on 2 years. You have a great blog and very helpful videos, so I can imagine you will be around for many more years. I sent an email to a relative who is a new knitter and suggested she sign up for your newsletter. Thanks for the chance to win some yarn.

  35. I love your blog, your videos, and nothing beats a KNITFreedom sale! Happy Birthday, looking forward to the App. By the way, your sock videos knocked my old socks off and helped put 14 new hand knit pairs into the sock draw! Congratulations!

  36. Congratulations and happy anniversary.Thank you so much for your fantastic website. I’m just finishing my first ever toe-up magic loop socks and wouldn’t have been able to do it without you.

  37. Happy Birthday! I posted about you and the sale on Knitting Paradise as well as sent links to all my knitting friends. Some are already members, some aren’t. I love the Rasta yarn! One thing that makes it so special is after watching your tour of the Malibrigo factory I’d feel really connected to this yarn. Hope I win it!

    I’m excited about the new Apps and the new eBook….you’re the bestest!!!

  38. Congratulations. I’ve been knitting for the past 5 years and your tips and videos have improved my knitting skills more than any other “teacher”. Thanks and keep up the good work.

    1. Wow, thank you so much, Kristin! I am so flattered! I’m really glad you found me. I intend to keep on publishing great knitting tips and techniques for many more years :)

  39. excited about all the good stuff, Liat–and wonderful news about the book!! Thank you for all yoiu do to make knitting so accessible to everyone.

  40. Hello Liat,
    Happy Second Birthday!!! I posted on Facebook, Google+ and Pinterst. I don’t have a Twitter or I would have done that as well. Thank you for the great sale!!
    All the best for you and your company this new year!!

  41. Liat – You have inspired me to knit everywhere! This week I was fishing way, way out on the rocks in Florida. Yes…there I was with a bunch of seasoned fishermen looking at me with interest as I knitted away with my newly acquired Malabrigo. Was I in heaven – yes… until I did a superb cast and hooked my knitting and all into the deep blue! The bewildered fishermen helped me haul in my soaking, salty piece of precious Malabrigo and watched with more bewilderment as I fished not only my knitting but the only fish caught that morning! Cheers to you and knitting everywhere :)

  42. Just put a post up on the New Knitters group page on Ravelry.. (the KNITfreedom sock KAL)
    Really want some amazing yarn… although the 50% off is almost better! Love the tutorials!

  43. You are such an excellent teacher! It is so easy to see what is really going on when you demonstrate. Thank you so much for the great birthday presents.

  44. Happy Birthday, KNITFreedom! I posted your blog to fb and to pinterest. Will also email to my knitting sis-in-law! I ordered 5 videos today! Cant wait to learn the magic loop technique! My son will be stopping in Uruguay on Semester at Sea…wonder if he will get me some yarn? Loved your video to the factory!

  45. Happy Birthday KnitFreedom!! Appreciate so much all that you’re willing to share to make me a happier, more successful knitter! I shared this on facebook, pinterest & twitter:)!!

  46. The Brioche Stitch is no longer a mystery thanks to you and your fabulous E-videos! I posted your birthday link to Facebook and bought two more videos. Thank you for being such an awesome instructor. Congratulations on your second birthday :-) I cannot wIt to buy your book.

  47. Liat I think you are the best teacher I have ever seen. You are so into what you do that it is catching. Congratulations on two years!!!!! I am recovering from knee replacement so have not been too involved in anything. When the pain level is down some I plan to start the sock KAL. I am all ready with yarn, pattern and the desire to DO IT. Thank you for being there for us. You are a special person and I am glad I found your site a few months ago. It would be lovely to win the BEAUTIFUL Malabrigo yarn. I liked you on facebook.

  48. I love the e-books and am thrilled to hear that the next one will be about lace! I’m even more excited about the revamp of the website to make access so much easier. Yay! I’ve shared my excitement about your videos with a friend who is also now signed up. Happy 2nd Birthday, and here’s to many, many more!

  49. Tweeted, Pinned, & Facebooked! I also shopped, love your ebooks. I can’t wait for the app…am waiting for wait baited breath. Happy Birthday!!

  50. Awesome teaching videos just signed up to recieve continental stitching and brioche classes, great info on everything knitting. Happy B-Day KF.

  51. Hi, Liat – I pinned you on my kntterly things board and sent e-mails to my local knitting group buddies. Congrats on being two years old – looking forward to the new site, app and book.

  52. I can’t tell you how much Knitting Superstar has helped me above all else. This simple book is so easy to work through and is so encouraging. It’s okay to make a mistake and learn from it because you, Liat, give me confidence to know how to correct my mistake! Magic loop was so confusing to me until I watched the section about it. Now I have made the newborn hat and mittens that I couldn’t figure out how to make flat :) I love knitting and it’s totally a part of my meditative routine now. Ommmmmmmmmm

  53. Not a techie but working on it! Liat, I LOVE your videos. Makes it EASY for a beginning knitter (at 66!!!!) And YOU are adorable!!!!!!!!!!

  54. My sister signed me up for your news two years ago and I purchased and enjoy your Knitting Superstar book. Now I have organized a group of teachers at my school and we meet weekly to knit. I’ve shared and continue to share your great website with all of them. When we have a problem, we look you up for on-line help. Thanks!

  55. Happy birthday! Very happy to have found you and knitfreedom when I did. Here’s to much success and happiness to you and knitters all around the world. CHEERS!

  56. Can’t wait for the app but I do love owning actual knitting books, so,really looking forward to a printed book! I’m an addicted to sock knitting and I owe everything I learned to Liat’s ebook tutorials, and I knew absolutely nothing about sock knitting beforehand.

  57. Knitting has become a part of my daily life over the last 4 years. The perfect sock for my foot is my quest. With each pair I make I try to use at least one new technique to help me find what fits best for me.

    Congrats on 2 years! I shared your birthday on both my tumblr page & and personal blog. I totally appreciate your blog and tutorials. You are a fabulous teacher…Thanks!

  58. LIAT~ I am aso very happy for all your success, I know this is only the beginning~ Thank you for all your encouragement, opening the door to magic loop and 2 @ time :)….. See you when your back in Bozeman ~

  59. Happy birthday. I was excited to see the class on magic loop socks. I have been trying to do this on my own and definitely need some assist. I am looking forward to watching and learning. Love the magic loop vs dpn’s.

  60. Congratulations Liat. You have been so helpful to me! I’m sharing your birthday celebration on Ravelry, Pinterest, and Facebook!

  61. Dear Liat,
    Happy Birthday!!! I love your style of teaching, it’s very clear and the videos well done. Whenever I’m in doubt about anything knitty I sure come to you. :) Thanks for your awesome help.
    I shared your good news on Pinterest, Facebook and emailed these to friends who don’t are not in any of those groups. Best of luck to you!

  62. Happy birthday!! Love this site. Have only been knitting since January but totally addicted. Too bad I have to work….I’d rather be knitting. Thanks for sharing so many wonderful tips.

  63. Happy Birthday !! Love reading the posts and even though I’ve been knitting for some time now, still love the instructive part. I’m still learning and loving it more each day. Thanks again.

  64. I can hardly wait for your book. I have made 2 pair of toe up socks and it is wonderful. You are the BEST. I have been knitting for about 4 years and since I found you I am truly loving it. I am going to knit a pair of toe up with a fair isle cuff. I will let you know how they turn out. Again thank you for sharing your expertise.

  65. Thanks for this opportunity. I’m a VERY new knitter and very old crocheter so your videos have taught me a lot about this transition to continental (opened new doors – who knew?). Wonderful videos and explanations. Really looking forward to the new app!

  66. Happy Birthday! I’m making socks now because of you! Congrats on the book deal and I can’t wait for all the changes! I tweeted this :)

  67. Happy Birthday, Liat! I love your videos and e-books! and now a regular book deal! Really does not surprise me. You are the best! So happy for you. I don’t think I can take advantage of your birthday sale as I ALREADY own all of your e-books, but I will sure encourage all my knitting friends to do the same! I love the new changes coming for the website/app! Sounds awesome.
    Love the Malabrigo! Hope to see you in Montana again soon. Shared on FB & heading to post on Pinterest!

  68. To the most amazing knitter, teacher, and friend – Congratulations, Liat! So excited for you. I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for you. (btw, posted, tweeted, and pinned!)

  69. Happy Birthday!! Has it really been two years that you have been bringing us knitting tidbits and wonders!? I tweet and pinned your post to share around :)

    Congrats on your book deal! Everyone knows how great of a teacher you are so it’s nice to know that a publisher is finally acknowledging that fact too. I’m very excited about the new lace video and the new app/website improvements. :)

  70. Happy Birthday! Can’t wait for the new E-book :) Very excited for you on the new additions coming. I pinned this and shared on Facebook, hope all those interested in knitting check out Knit Freedom :) You go girl!!

  71. Best knitting teacher ever!! I send anyone who knits over to your website, both online and at my knit and knatter group! Just FB’s, tweeted and pinned! Congrats, and I can’t wait for the android app!

  72. I am looking forward to your book. You have helped me so much. Your videos are clear and understandable. I shared on facebook and attempted to email but I think I goofed it up.

  73. I shared the post on FB!
    Liat, thank you for all your work! I re-learned Continental knitting thanks to your Superstar Knitting book! I love it, it’s a great reference tool.

    Happy Birthday Knitting Freedom! Liat keep it coming!

  74. Happy Birthday! Love your tutorials-so easy to follow! I’ve shared your site before but today I put it on my pinterest account.

  75. i pinned this page on pinterest under my techniques board. i love your videos. they go at a great speed and are easy to follow. Congrats on the book!

  76. Happy Birthday Liat. What a beautiful day. Really love working with your videos and tips. You’ve got me trying toe up socks for my 3rd start. Believe 3rd time is a charm.

  77. Happy birthday! Thanks for sharing your knitterly knowledge with us so freely!! I think I’ve watched the magic loop video a dozen times. One day it will stick!! I shared on FB, pinterest, twitter and google+.

  78. love your site, looking forward to your new site. Given your .com address to many of my friends and I hope they join.

  79. I had to reply to my own comment…lol…I watched the video on how to make a pom pom with the clover pompom maker….I couldn’t believe it..I was about to return mine I bought yesterday at Hobby Lobby as I just couldn’t do it or figure it out….thank you very much…I’ll watch it again and again till I get it right….!!!

  80. I have always loved your newsletter and I love watching your videos. I just went over and bought Become a Knitting Superstar! I remember getting some of these through the newsletter but now I have it all in one place. Thanks so much for sharing your enthusiasm and expertise. You’re so cute. I love your personal approach. :) Have a great celebration!! I’ll go share on my social sites now.

  81. Congrats on the exciting happenings. I’m especially excited to hear about the website overhaul! I tweeted (by using a “tiny url” so I could say my own thing). Just finally bought the magic loop sock course – finally going to learn to do two at a time!

  82. Happy Birthday Liat and knitfreedom…so very glad I found you. Shared on fb Looking forward to all the great plans you have in store. Love your positive energy.

  83. Happy birthday to Knit Freedom and you Liat are a great teacher I love the emails that I get from you I have learned a lot by you and your website. Congratulations on the new book deal, you deserve it

  84. happy birthday little one! Two is an awesome #! posted your link on FBk, I hope my friends find you like I did 2 yrs ago! The BEST KNITTING TEACHER EVAH! HugZ and enjoy your day.

  85. Congratulations & happy birthday to your blog! I liked your post on Facebook and also Pinned it. I always look forward to your emails to see what’s new on your blog, and your videos have been immensely helpful to me. Perfect therapy after a work day! Thanks for all you do.

  86. Congratualtions!…It must be exciting to have your own site. I pinned this on Pinterest…(don’t do that well:)…Hope it’s there under knitting…First, I love that yarn and the color…What I like is knitting on bamboo needles and using a nice yarn…one that changes colors or is thick and thin and seeing the changes appear…so creative and no matter how it turns out, I made it. Thank you very much for all you do. Enjoy the day!!

  87. Happy second birthday “Knit Freedom”! Dearest Liat, you have given so much to make us all the “Superstar” knitters we want to be! Thank you for all the free patterns and video lessons to show us the techniques that will walk us through you well written directions. I definitely want to buy the new lace class!!! Congrats and a big hug for giving me the confidence to grow in knitting!
    Your the best,
    Suzanne Burke
    Sunset Beach, CA

  88. Thanks so much for every ebook,video are post that you have ever done. I have been knitting for a month and your the reason it has been a sucess for me. I’m enjoying it! Happy Birthday

  89. Happy Birthday to Knit Freedom and congrats on the book deal. I LOVE the yarn. Blue is one of my favorite colors — it matches my eyes – and my own birthday is in a couple of days.

  90. Happy Birthday Liat!! I’m so glad to have found Knit Freedom, you’ve helped in so many ways and I’m looking forward to all the new stuff coming up, the website, the new books, it all sounds so exciting! More than happy to share the great news with my friends on facebook.

  91. Congratulations on turning two, and on the book deal! Your instructions are always so clear, and easy to follow, I can’t wait to see them all in one place when the new book comes out.

  92. You’ve been Facebooked, Liat! This was as short as I could make it, though I could have gone on and on about the courses I’ve already purchased and learned a ton from, my snazzy Addi Lace Clicks that were an acquisition based on your recommendation (although now I really want those brightly colored, gorgeous needles you just blogged about recently; be still my heart!). You are truly the best. Here’s your press:

    “Confessions of a yarnaholic: I love yarn. Not the Red Heart, no dye lot, 5-mile-long, acrylic blobs of yuckness I had to use as a kid; I’m talking amazing fibers and hand-dyed colors that make my heart skip a beat as I sink my fingers into the colored bits of loveliness. Unfortunately, I never got beyond the “knit it and pull it out” phase until recently, because the devil’s in the details (unless random squares are your passion).

    “If that’s you, let me point you to the most amazing teacher and online resource ever: Liat Gat at Her website is turning two today! There are exciting things happening now and great new features coming in the near future. For what is arguably the best training out there, broken out one move at a time by a friendly, funny teacher, check it out today; you won’t regret it!”

  93. Happy Birthday to KnitFreedom and thank you for all the helpful videos. I shared the good news on FB and pinned on Pinterest. Congratulations on the book deal.

  94. happy to share and like on facebook and post comments on blog – best of luck and success with your new book… I’m goin’ shoppin’!

  95. Hi Liat,
    I just want to tell you I am so glad I found this site. I just started knitting back in May 2012 and I bought a few of your video courses and am proud to say that I today have become a more confident “fearless” knitter, in fact, last night I tried my hand at double knitting and have found a new passion. Congratulations on your new book deal… you definitely deserve it. I was so excited that I shared with all my friends at Knitting Paradise and facebook!

  96. Happy Birthday! I love getting your emails and checking out your free patterns of which I’ve made SEVERAL! I can always count on you for good directions, good support and inspiring patterns (and yarn)! Thanks!

  97. i don’t know how to do any of those computer things. i have no friends or family to share. i am a disabled single mother of a disabled 38 year old. we both do needlework. i think you are a very good teacher. everything is very clear. happy birthday and many more.

  98. Hi Liat; I’m on the way to being a confident knitter instead of a begging knitter. Thank goodness (not really) my knit shop closed so I was forced to go onto the internet to search for ways to continue to learn. This was not productive until I found YOU. I’ve shared you and your patterns with people in knit shops I’ve visited literally coast-to-coast (two weeks ago in Washington, DC and this week in Danville, CA right outside San Francisco). I go into the shops in search of Malabrigo yarn.This morning, I’m packing to head home to Nashville, but have shared on FB, Twitter, Pinterest, and sent an email to my only knitting friend. My sister loved her local knit shop here in Danville (so did I) and plans to interview them and feature them in her column for the San Ramon Times. She doesn’t knit yet, but she was definitely interested!! I’ve been knitting for less than a year and I feel good!

  99. Carolanne (C.J.) Papoutsis

    Learned to knit Continental Style with your amazing videos. Love my Knit Like a Superstar ebook. You’ve put knitting in my life for keeps:-)

  100. happy birthday!!! got the cable video!!! thanks for the great discount…just one more reason I enjoy being a member!! keep up the terrific work, looking forward to all the new goodies and changes coming!!

  101. Happy 2nd Birthday to your FANTASTIC site! Your ebooks, instructions, patterns and enthusiasm are amazing. Thank you so much. I cannot wait for your app!!!! I shared this on FB and by email, and always show your toe-up pattern that I am using when people want to see what I am knitting.

  102. Shared with a couple of my best knitting friends who went in the KnitFreedom loop. I love your videos — they are so relaxed in tone, but also have great direction clarity. Thanks, Liat, and happy birthday.

  103. Happy birthday to KnitFreedom! I’m looking forward to the upcoming changes and enhancements. I shared the sale on Facebook and pinned it on Pinterest.

  104. Happy Birthday!!!!!! I am on my way to being a knitting superstar thanks to you. I love knitting socks! You have done a fabulous job and I look forward to the changes to come and I am very excited to get your book. I have shared on Facebook with all my friends. Have a happy day!! Hugs to you.

  105. Liat…happy second birthday!! Your videos are the absolute best out there….you have saved the day (and project) many times! I’ll be saying I knew you when…..

  106. Congratulations on year 2!! YOu are such a great source of information, love the videos.. The malabrigo yarn is gorg4eous, please enter me in the contest! I shared you on FB, ravelry, and via email :)

  107. I am really excited about the new apps and am looking forward to seeing your new book. I pinned your party and will be posting on Facebook later for my friends who are a little groggy on a Saturday morning. So Happy Birthday Knitfreedom and keep up the good work!

  108. Your videos are so helpful to me! Happy birthday and congrats on your success! I pinned and liked! Off to look at your fabulous Saturday birthday sale!

  109. Thanks for your fabulous videos! They have given me the confidence to tackle increasingly challenging projects as a newer knitter. Shared on FB!!

  110. As a newer knitter, I wanted to branch out and work more than garter stitch! I am so happy to find your videos – I have learn great techniques and tackled increasingly difficult projects. Thanks for your wonderful site. Shared on FB!!! :)

  111. Your videos are the best. They have really helped my knitting. If we have already purchased your videos how do we get the app for my iPad


    1. Hi Patti, the app isn’t ready yet, but you can always go to the online version of each course on your iPad. Just open the PDF and the link and password will be on the first page. Happy knitting!

    1. I know, right? That’s why you haven’t seen any new e-books since February. I’ve been working behind the scenes! I think you’ll really like the new improvements.

  112. I’m looking forward to the new app! The new book deal sounds great!! Thanks for your great video library – I have learned so much as a newer knitter and branched out to tackle more difficult projects over the past few months by learning new stitches! I love those videos!!!

  113. I shared with my Terrific Tuesday group on Facebook and also pinned on Pinterest. You have so helped me grow into a better knitter.

    1. What WONDERFUL news!! I cant wait to get my “Knitts” on that book!! I love magic loop and apply it to a few different items….thank you for sharing! The yarn is gorgous, Never heard of it before :-o

  114. Liat you are a Knitter’s Angel !! I have come to your site ( only knitting for 2 years now ) and have LEARNED so MUCH !! I have learned that Magic Loop IS the only way to go!!! Nothing more to say than that! You have so much information to teach us novice on line again you are the Knitter’s Angel…. I am always telling my friends to get on your site and ”learn more” ! Thank you and many more celebrations in the years to come!

    1. Woohoo! Another convert! Haha. :) It makes me so happy to hear that you are knitting happily and confidently and telling your friends about the stuff you’ve learned.

  115. All the news is so exciting, but I really like the changes you are going to make on the website for a one stop location for all the goodies! And a book, girl you are making it happen! I shared the birthday bash happenings on twitter, facebook and google+. now going to Ravelry!
    Happy Birthday KnitFreedom and congrats to our fearless leader Liat!!!!!!!!

    1. Selena, I’m so excited too! It’s going to be 100x easier to use. Thank you for sharing everywhere! You are such a wonderful loyal fan, I’m so grateful for you.

    1. H.B., feliz cumpleanos, …! I loved your Malabrigo Yarn Factory video so much! Great intro to this yarn and it’s makers. Watching it was like an anthro- vacation and inspiration to support this small Uruguayan businesss :)Shared it on Ravelry.

  116. Thank you all for this wonderful outpouring of good wishes! I’m so happy everyone is excited about the new app and the book and the site. You made KNITFreedom’s birthday so wonderful! Big hugs to you all.

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