Caryl Pierre - Knitwear DesignerThis week we have contributing guest blogger Caryl Pierre sharing a great technique with us: how to add beads to your knitting with a crochet hook.

Caryl is a NYC-based knitwear designer with a gorgeous range of designs, all beautifully photographed and available for download at Caryl Style.

The photo tutorial she has for us is a great addition to your knitting skill-set, because it’s so easy!

Instead of stringing beads onto your yarn at the beginning, use a teeny-tiny crochet hook (as small as you can find), to slip the beads on to your knitting, one stitch at a time, as you knit.

Caryl’s also got some beaded patterns for you to try this on at the end of the tutorial.

Grab a tiny crochet hook small enough to fit into the eye of your beads, some scrap yarn, and follow along to practice beading with a crochet hook.

Step 1. Work stitch to be beaded.

Beading with a crochet hook Step 1 - Work Stitch to be Beaded

Step 2. Place bead on crochet hook.

Beading with a crochet hook step 2 - Place bead on crochet hook

Step 3. Hook top loop of stitch with crochet hook.

Beading with a crochet hook step 3 - hook top loop of stitch with crochet hook

Step 4. Pull top loop of stitch through bead.

Beading with a crochet hook step 4 - Pull top loop of stitch through bead.

Step 5. Replace stitch on right-hand needle.

Beading with a crochet hook step 5 - Replace stitch on right-hand needle.

Step 6. Adjust stitch to fit needle.

Beading with a crochet hook step 6 - Adjust stitch to fit needle.

That’s all there is to it!

You can try out your new beading skills on Caryl’s Purple Rain Mitts, a soft and fashionable tribute to Prince.

Purple Rain Mitts by Caryl Pierre

About Caryl in her own words:

I learned to knit the final semester of my final year of college. I did it as a bit of a lark; a college friend’s mom and yarn store owner had suggested that she teach me to knit and I finally deigned to let her teach me. I really didn’t expect to love knitting as much as I did, nor did I expect it to become such a big part of my life.

After college, I spent the next ten years living abroad. I lived in Japan, London and Ecuador mainly. While traveling can be great, the constant need to make friends and establish myself in a new culture provided me with a lot of alone time and knitting really was my savior. In recent years, I found that I was modifying almost every pattern I knit. That inspired me to start creating my own designs.

Nowadays, I live in NYC and I spend most of my time either designing or knitting. Please check out my patterns page for information and access to my designs.

Thanks, Caryl! You can follow Caryl on Twitter and Ravelry.

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  1. I find that sometimes after they place the bead they knit and other people just put it on the right needle and others put it on the left needle and knit it. What difference does this make?

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