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Download The Aspen Ice Hat Pattern And Enter To Win Magnolia Handspun Yarn

Blog » Lace » Download The Aspen Ice Hat Pattern And Enter To Win Magnolia Handspun Yarn

Download The Aspen Ice Hat Pattern And Enter To Win Magnolia Handspun Yarn

Liat Gat - Founder

March 3, 2012

The Magnolia Handspun giveaway is over, but you can still knit this gorgeous, chunky, winter hat worthy of the Aspen slopes. Designed by Camille Emond of Magnolia Handspun yarn, this free lace hat pattern is perfect for bulky handspun yarn.

Be An Ice-Cold Stunner in This Hot Handspun Hat Pattern

In Aspen you MUST be beautiful, and nothing says “I happen to be the coolest person here” like this chunky handspun hat pattern. Only you can’t buy this hat at Prada. You can only make it.

Taylor Swift wearing four different slouchy knit hats
The giant slouchy hat makes you look and feel like a Bohemian goddess

I designed the Aspen Ice Hat to capture the Bohemian, cooler-than-cool Aspen look that is so IN this winter. And people have been stopping me everywhere I go to tell me they love it.

As a special challenge, I designed the hat for handspun yarn.

Aspen Ice Hat handspun hat pattern photo
Aspen, Colorado… where the beautiful people step down from matte-black Escalades in skin-tight spacesuits, and await their brand-new skis while lounging in private jacuzzis at the Ritz

The Aspen Ice Hat is an Easy Pattern for Handspun Yarn

Blue and purple skein of Magnolia Handspun thick-and-thin yarn closeup
Handspun yarn is usually $30-$40 per skein - whatever pattern you use better be good.

This hat works great with Magnolia Handspun, but you can use Mango Moon Dreadlocks or Malabrigo Gruesa with this handspun hat pattern too.

The repeating lace pattern makes a spiral that looks fantastic with a lot of different of textures, colors and thicknesses.

The best thing is that this is a fast and easy knit hat pattern, which means you can make it as a present for your friend (maybe with some of that yarn they brought you back from a trip that you had no idea what to do with).

Looking For the Hat Pattern from Magnolia Handspun That Matches the Aspen Ice Cowl? This Is It.

Magnolia Handspun - Aspen Ice Hat and cowl - side viewLast year I published the Aspen Ice cowl, the first of my exclusive patterns for Magnolia Handspun.

Camilla, the owner and spinner of Magnolia Handspun, knit a chunky, slouchy hat to go with the cowl and published this photo.

Since then, we’ve been getting so many requests for “the hat that goes with the Aspen Ice cowl” that I decided to re-create the hat and publish the hat pattern so you could have it.

Download the Aspen Ice Hat Pattern Here

This chunky hat pattern is FREE to all newsletter subscribers. Download it here or see more photos and check the pattern details here: Aspen Ice Hat.

Thumbnail of Aspen Ice Hat PDFFree! Download Now

Win the Magnolia Handspun Yarn to Knit This Chunky Hat

Camilla is giving away two skeins of her gorgeous handspun yarn to one lucky reader!

pink and blue Magnolia Handspun Delphinium skein
Made from 100% merino wool, cotswold locks, banana fiber, sparkly angelina, and tencel

The winner will get two skeins of “Delphinium” (shown above) – that’s 128 yards of handspun and hand-dyed yarn at a value of $58.

Here’s how to win:

Do at least one (preferably many) of the following:

  • Add Magnolia Handspun or Twist and Twine to your Etsy favorites
  • Buy some yarn – you need 100 yards for this hat
  • Go to Camilla’s blog, Free Range Chik
  • Help her out by suggesting a fun yarn name in the comments.
  • Post a link to this post on your website or blog.
  • Share this post on Facebook or Twitter (links below)

Then… come back here and post in the comments and tell me what you did, and you’ll be entered into the random drawing.

Contest ends Monday night at midnight EST. Get your comment in before the deadline to enter! Watch your email this Tuesday for the announcement of the lucky winner.

Good luck!

What To Do Next:

• Click to download the free Aspen Ice hat pattern here
• Leave us a comment and suggest a great yarn for this handspun hat pattern
• Fave and add the Aspen Ice Hat to your queue on Ravelry
• Post a yarn name idea on Free Range Chik, and… (of course)
• Tweet and share this post with your friends.

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Update: This contest is over and we’ve selected our winner, but please feel free to
leave a comment and download the Aspen Ice hat pattern here.

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219 thoughts on “Download The Aspen Ice Hat Pattern And Enter To Win Magnolia Handspun Yarn”

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  1. Beautiful! I added ‘Free Range Chick’ on my favorites. Loved reading her blog. I would name this yarn “Aspen Sunset”. It’s just beautiful and reminded me of a fabulous sunset. Hope I win, I’ve never won anything in my life! Could I be so lucky…

  2. Saundra McDowell

    I just handspun my first 2-ply with a drop spindle…I loved this Zen experience. I think the perfect name for your yarn would be….Kaleidoscope….Spin on!

  3. Did some “like” action of this post (Your rock Liat), shared the article on Facebook checked out the Blog (You rock Camilla!!), Checked out Magnolia Hand Spun (You rock even more Camilla).
    I would like to make a hat with the following colors:
    Endless Summer – a mix of deep and vibrant reds, oranges, yellows with hints of purples and blues to mimic a summer sunset
    Deep Space – Various shades of primarily black a bit of white and some subtle blues, yellows and reds mixed in
    Caribbean Dream – go crazy…

  4. I’m having a lot of trouble getting the pattern. I submit the information required, and then nothing happens. Where do I find the pattern after that? I’m a bit lost now… it should just come up somewhere at least! Am I supposed to do something different?

  5. Love the beautiful colors in this yarn, my favorites. Posted on Camilla’s blog my name for this yarn “Sunsets & Snowdrifts”.

  6. hi

    yep did this– Add Magnolia Handspun or Twist and Twine to your Etsy favorites
    not yet Buy some yarn — you need 100 yards for this hat
    yep did this – the cafe is going to be great-Go to Camilla’s blog, Free Range Chik
    yep did this Help her out by suggesting a fun yarn name in the comments.
    nope don’t have a web site or blog Post a link to this post on your website or blog.
    yep did this twitter and facebook Share this post on Facebook or Twitter (links below)

  7. The blog and ETSY sites are earmarked for me – and I love the names suggested here – Mardi Gras keeps occurring to me but then maybe I’m homesick!

  8. I have added the Aspen Ice Hat to my favs on Ravelry, tweeted and now follow you on twitter, visited “free range chick” and “Twist & Twine” on the web. I think bubblegum dreams would be a good name for a yarn.

  9. Great pattern! I love the colors, too. I’m a beginner, and I very much enjoy your postings. Oh, I shared this link!!

  10. Love the Magnolia yarn, saved Etsy to my favorites. I think a good name for the yarn would be “free range”.

    1. Sheree » Me too! Thanks for going and checking out Magnolia Handspun yarn. Isn’t it just to die for? I don’t know if she realizes how talented she is….

      Did you know she also did the photography for the Aspen Ice hat for this page and the pattern page? She’s amazing!!

  11. I added both shops to my Etsy favourites and took a look at the blog. I also “liked” Magnolia handspun on facebook (which I almost never do), and spent a fair bit of time drooling over the beautiful yarns on both sites and trying to figure out how to budget to get some soon. I love the look of the handspun and would definitely love to knit some.

    1. Hi Gwen,

      Wow, thanks for hooking up with Magnolia on FB and checking out all her yarns! Lots of people have been mentioning making this hat on a budget – I’ll see if I can find some options for other yarns too. Good luck in the giveaway!

  12. Wow! Thanks for the wonderful pattern and introducing us to the beautiful yarn from Magnolia Handspun. I made several colors favorites on Etsy. And she lives only a little more than a 100 miles away! I’m in Montana (Missoula), and she’s just down the road in Columbia Falls on the way to Glacier National Park. She has lots of colorful inspiration all around her to help create her amazing yarns. Thanks again for sharing another creative source for yarn.

  13. Almost forgot… a name suggestion, hmmmm…Art yarn reminds me of a couple of things-Montana weather (the old ‘if you don’t like it wait five minutes.’) And rodeo, bareback broncs in particular because horses are inherently beautiful and elegant, but the broncs are so untamed and unpredictable, like our weather, like art yarn.

  14. Magnolia Handspun was one of the first products added to my list of favorites when I joined Etsy back in 2010. Imagine my surprise to find it artfully displayed at Station 8 in Columbia Falls last summer, and how thrilling it was to learn that it is made right here in Montana. Of course I bought a skein…and now your contest has me eyeing some plum colored sock yarn that I just found at Twist and Twine. Thanks for the link to a new source for sock yarn. And of course I’d love to win more of the handspun so I can make that hat, wow! So here’s my bid for TWO skeins of her glorious art yarn. Crossing my toes so my fingers are free to knit…
    Thanks Camilla and Liat!

    1. Melissa you are too funny! I love that you are crossing your toes so you can keep knitting. Thanks for buying some of Camilla’s yarn – I love that your knitting path keeps coming back to Magnolia Handspun! Her yarn really is remarkable. :)

  15. I was glad you told us about Camilla’s new blog. I kept wondering why she hadn’t posted on her two previous blogs for such a long time! I love her yarn and can buy it locally but I would love to win some! I also “liked” her on facebook.

  16. I added the shops to my favs!
    I visited Free Range Chik!
    I shared this on Facebook!
    I have already knit the hat and plan to make more! I would love to win some handspun!

  17. I love the hat. I think I might have to make 2! One in Tourmaline for Lindsey and one in Prairie Purple for Kayla. Love the Magnolia Handspun and the Free Range Chick blog. I will be watching both sites along with my fav KnitFreedom! Thanks Camilla & Liat. I hope to win the Delphinium yarn…..for me! ; ) Of course I “Liked” you on FB so all my friends will know. Thanks again!

  18. Marylou Morris

    I visited your Free Range Chik Blog, read your profile and “Liked” your site on Facebook.
    Thanks for a great site and giveaway!

    1. kathleen carroll

      Love the horses on your site. Teens are frustratingly awesome – my boys are now 21 and 19 so we are past most of those teen things. I work at the local high school with special needs teens. I wouldn’t have it any other way!!

  19. I liked on FB, faved on Etsy, and faved on Ravelry. I WILL be making this hat! Thanks so much for sharing!

  20. Magnolia Handspun is an etsy favorite, they are positively drop-dead gorgeous. I am in love!! Thanks for the opportunity :-)

  21. I posted a name and comment on Free Range Chick’s blog! liked it on my facebook, and saved it to my queue on Ravelry.. TY for the pattern!

  22. I picked several favorites in the Etsy shop, I suggested a name (Confetti), I faved the pattern on Ravelry and added it to my queue~! I don’t have a blog and I don’t do FB or twitter so I think that’s the best I can do! Please pick me!

    1. Debbie thanks so much for doing all this! That is absolutely fabulous. I’m picking the winner randomly and since you commented your name will be in the the running… good luck!!

  23. ‘Like’ on FaceBook and I think Cotton Candy for a yummy name :0) — Just have to get some of this beautiful yarn …. !

    1. I’m so glad you like the yarn! I want to make this hat for all of my friends but I’d probably clear out her whole store and then there wouldn’t be any Magnolia Handspun left for my readers!! :D

  24. Christianne Myers

    I just “liked” and commented on FB.
    Added as a fav on etsy.
    What about “butterfly kiss” or “persimmon” as color names?
    Stunning yarns! Love the hat pattern and would love try it out!

  25. LOVED that yarn – have great memories of time with friends in ASPEN – GREAT HAT! Can’t wait to make that one – I faved magnolia on etsy! and I think a great name for the yarn would be “cotton candy” ! Thanks for the contest and all the great information!

    1. Am I right about Aspen or what? I made a version of this hat for my sister out of super-bulky orange thick-and-thin, and people have been stopping her everywhere asking where she got it! I’m so glad you thought this post was useful and thanks for suggesting the yarn name!

  26. Hi Liat….I “liked” on Facebook and just love the yarn! Where I live in Australia it’s not easy for me to source such beautiful yarns like this. Would be lovely to win! All the best, Jan x

    1. Hi Jan,

      Oh, it’s frustrating to be a knitter and not have great yarn nearby. I’ve got to order all mine on the Internet. Good luck in the giveaway!

  27. I love the hat and the cowl. I faved Magnolia Handspun on Etsy, I liked on “facebook”.
    I visited Free Range Chik Blog, but sorry couldn’t think of a cool yarn name.
    I pinned the hat on Pinterest
    I added the cowl and the hat to my Ravelry Queue

    Hope I win!

  28. Hi! I favorited the Magnolia Handspun Etsy store and I suggested a name on Free Range Chik. Thanks! (Oh, and I also pinned the hat photo on Pinterest to boot)

  29. Loved the article and pattern, I am suggesting this name for the yarn; “Unicorn Nation” as inspired by my husband’s comment looks like Unicorn Poo. LOL

  30. I just favorited (? is that a word) her shop on etsy. And I couldn’t help myself and I bought a hank of yarn. So beautiful!

    Thanks for bringing this designer to my attention.

  31. Hi Liat!

    I shared this post on my Facebook page and I’m currently knitting (and hoping to finish this weekend) with Mango Moon Dreadlocks in the Chiron colorway for a sample in my shop!

    1. Jan, the hat I made with Kean is SOOOOOO soft!! It took exactly one skein, with enough for an enormous pompom. I didn’t get a pic (the gift recipient was moving around a lot with excitement) but the hat came out great. Will you link yours in Chiron to the Aspen Ice hat on Ravelry?

  32. I went to Free Rang Chick and loved the blog. Hard to tear myself away to complete the treasure hunt. As I looked at the breathtaking colors, I immediately thought of
    “Ocean Sunset” as all the colors were represented and so soothing… I added Twist & Twine and Magnolia Handspun to my favorites on Etsy. Good luck to everyone who would love to win this beautiful yarn!

  33. I suggested “Delirious” on the blog, plus I downloaded the awesome pattern. I want this yarn! Please enter me in the contest.

  34. I tweeted about it and suggested a name for the yarn. Will also blog about the giveaway (but that’s not an entry :-[) so that’s two…

  35. Love them both. The yarn has to be wonderful to touch…. it sure looks it.
    This is going to be my next projects. Great Christmas gifts………… thanks !

    1. This is going to be a perfect Christmas hat. It’s SOOO fast. You will get addicted. I’ve made three already. Make sure to post photos on Ravelry!! :)

  36. Thanks Liat! This was like a fun hunt following your steps… found so many other treasures on the way! Updated Etsy account and favorited Magnolia Homespun, went to blog and tried to post 6 times – ha! … Found I had to create a blog in order to post… posted the name ‘Flamingo’ – a gracious bird that can fly 60 kph! Get a load of that on the ski-slopes! :) Liked Magnolia on Facebook then queued and faved on Ravelry. Yum yum.. now to download and knit up with some delicious yarn.

    1. Vangibabe- you’re so awesome!! I love that you enjoyed the treasure hunt this email took you on today. I hope you love knitting the hat! It is seriously addicting.

  37. Hi Liat!

    Thanks for the free pattern! I added Magnolia Homespun and Twist and Twine to my etsy favorites, drooled over some yarn but didn’t buy any, really enjoyed checking out Free Range Chik’s blog, and suggested Peacock as a name for a future yarn – maybe in blues, greens, and bronzes (my favorites)! I also shared this on FB. Now I’m crossing my fingers and hoping to win!!


  38. Teresa (yarnydragonfly on ravelry)

    Hi Liat!
    Thanks for a great contest – I faved Aspen Ice Hat on Ravelry and added it to my queue. I also left a comment on Camilla’s blog and suggested the name “Mountain Meadow” because the handspun reminds me of a meadow full of wildflowers.

  39. I clicked a thumbs up (a facebook thingy?) and I tweeted it! I think. Yes! I see it! I did! (Slinks off to try once again to learn how this how social networking thing works…)

    No yarn in budget but I will rummage around my stash.

  40. I did it all, except for buying yarn. Not in the budget until next month. I’m so happy to know about these yarns, so that I can find them and buy them when the budget allows.

    1. Deb, that’s so fabulous! Thank you. I know – I can’t make rash decisions about yarn either. But you’ll be able to go back and find her when you’re ready! Thanks so much for sharing, posting, and commenting.

  41. Susanne Demaree

    This is what I did to win the yarn:

    Added Twist and Twine to my Etsy favorites, and suggested a fun yarn name on Camilla’s blog.

  42. I did everything; facebooked it, tweeted it, faved the yarns & shops on etsy, faved the hat pattern on ravelry, suggested a name for a new yarn (love Camilla’s blog, by the way). The only thing I didn’t do was purchase some yarn, and not because I didn’t want to! Since I’ve added the yarn shops to my faves on etsy, I’ll be able to find them when I get some extra moolah! :-)

    1. Yeah Renna! Thank you! That’s okay about buying yarn – they were all just options to choose from :) Besides, with your clout on Facebook, I bet like 100 of your friends will be stopping by here now. Thanks again!

  43. Beautiful job on both the hat pattern and choice of yarn for it. This is most certainly a ‘must knit’ item!

    I did the following:

    1. Added Magnolia Handspun to my Etsy favorites
    2. Added Twist & Twine to my favorites
    3. Went to Free Range Chik blog and suggested a few names for handspun yarn
    4. Shared post on Facebook
    5. Added both patterns (hat & cowl) to Ravelry Queue

    1. Wow, Julia, thanks so much! I hope you love knitting the hat – it’s so fast – I’ve already knitted three of them. You’re entered for the contest – good luck!

  44. Why not call the yarn “Aspen Ice” or “Champagne Powder”? (I thought the blue one already has a name–Delphinium) If the blue is the contest, then “Blue Bird Day”. Favorited on Ravelry and added to my queue, posted on FB and Twitter and visited the blog.

  45. Geraldine Scott

    I added Magnolia Handspun AND Twist and Twine to my Etsy favorites. Also visited Camilla’s blog. Thanks for the chance to win this lovely yarn!

  46. Re-Discovered an Etsy shop that I opened some time ago and forgot all about? I like to plan the future, long in advance of its arrival :-)
    Anyways! Favorited “Magnolia & Twist & Twine”, while upgrading my Etsy webpage. Left a comment naming the yarn “Blown Away”, while noting the high quality skill that is self-evident in Camilla’s DK weight yarns.
    Also: The above process got me to seriously think that maybe I don’t want to get back into creating my own homespun, but to focus my endeavor on learning the skills and purchasing the tools for machine and hand knitting quality garments using the luxury yarns created by another, like Camilla, whose artistry has already been sharpened by experience over time.
    Shine ON* Katie

    1. Kathleen Hill » Ooh, what a treasure to learn something about yourself as you went on this hunt around the Internet! Keep us updated on your garment-knitting plans!

  47. I’ve been spinning with some Cotswold that I got for Christmas, but to tell you the truth. I really prefer yours. It makes me think of spring hikes in Flagstaff, where I used to live. Because of the this, I think the name “Spring Larkspur” is an appropriate name.

  48. Anneli Augustsson

    Such a nice yarn, and a lovely hat. Regardless if I win, I think I will spin some yarn and start knitting. With my knitting skills it should be ready when next winter is here. I added Magnolia handspun to my etsy favorites and visited her blog, which I bookmarked so I can visit again.
    My suggestion for a name is: Funky Blueberry

  49. I added Magnolia Handspun and Twist and Twine to my Etsy favorites and I went to Camilla’s blog and suggested the name Banana Blueberry Split. Now I just need to win this beautiful yarn! Thanks.

  50. Fun yarn – great hat! I’ve tweeted this, liked on Facebook, added Magnolia on Etsy and thought about a name :). “Winter Sherbet”

  51. I added both Magnolia Handspun or Twist and Twine to my Etsy favorites
    I suggested a name for that gorgeous yarn on Camilla’s blog. Now I just need to win :-) !

  52. denise hinckley

    Went to Etsy and added Magnolia Handspun to my favorites. Wanted to suggest a name for the yarn (Bloomin’ Crazy) but couldn’t get the comments up on Camilla’s site to post.

  53. I had several names for Free Range Chik Spring Crocus and Spring Hyacinth. The yarns are as awesome as the area she lives in.

  54. Lovely hat, of course! Very cool. I checked out the Free Range Chick blog–thanks for that, great to have a new blog to follow! :)

  55. Live in Colorado and the hat is perfect. Can see why the Aspenites love it !!!! Can’t wait to knit one …………….

  56. Hi!

    I’ve favorited some yarns in Etsy and so I was thinking on “Pinky promise” for the yarn. I also tweet the news on my TL (@miniingrid and @minimissplaced).

    And I would try knitting the hat with some eskimo yarn (really like it!)

  57. I went to free range chik—great pix for those of us who do not see much snow. Loved the hat its very chunky looking.

  58. I love the magnolia handspun yarn. I faved both shops in Etsy. Your Aspen Ice Hat pattern is perfect for the yarn. I added it to my queue in Ravelry. Now I just need to win the yarn!!!!

  59. Billi Cummings

    Hello! I love the yarn and the Aspen Ice hat pattern! I like Calliope because in Greek it means ‘having a beautiful voice’. This yarn speaks to me beautifully. Thanks for the chance to win.

  60. A great name for the Magnolia handspun yarn would be ‘Circus”. It reminds of all the glitz and glitter of the Barnum & Bailey Circus.

  61. A great name for the Magnolia handspun yarn would be ‘Circus”. It reminds of all the glitz and glitter of the Barnum & Bailey.

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