Now, As Promised: My First Sweater

I think the notes in my Ravelry project tell the story better than I could:

I am knitting this entirely in the round a la E.Z. (Elizabeth Zimmerman). It is my very first sweater! Zoooooom! Yay!

I’ve seamed the shoulders with a 3-needle bind-off and am zooming aroung the neck. I can’t wait to steek the armholes. Eunny Jang’s instructions for crochet steeking have left me confident and excited.

Things not going perfectly. Oh well.

Have two holes to repair. Otherwise, it’s not bad!

I repaired the two holes. I’m glad I did – now I know how to graft knitting and repair holes!

Well, the shapeless bag has now become the fish sweater! There’s no going back now.

Welcome to Liat’s world of fish.

Well, it’s the ugliest sweater in the world but at least it’s done.

Liat's Fish Sweater
Me modeling the “Fish” Sweater
This was the pose the pattern model was doing…
Liat's Fish Sweater
The embroidered fish are there to cover up the holes that formed when I washed the sweater for the first time.

It turns out, when there are knots in the ball of yarn, you can’t just knit them into the sweater. You have to cut them out and join the yarn again as if it’s a new skein of yarn.

This sweater wasn’t a total loss – it turned out to be the perfect thing to bring to our Christmas White Elephant party.

But I’m mostly thankful for the lessons I learned about choosing yarn, picking the right style and size, and checking gauge, that I now get to pass on to you. Oh, and because I didn’t let this less-than-wonderful sweater stop me, I’ve knitted and even designed many lovely, fun, and I’m-proud-I-made-it sweaters since then.

Poppy by Lisa Shobhana Mason
Liat Fitted Sweater
Wisteria by Kate Gilbert

Fair Isle Yoke Pullover by Elizabeth Zimmermann
Elizabeth Bennet by Liat Gat
Winter Waterfall Lace Sweater - Field of Gold

A few of the sweaters I’ve made since then.

You might notice that I gravitated to jewel-toned, fitted, sweaters with large necklines and flared sleeves. You will start to learn the particulars that work for you, as well.

Still to come – overcoming potential hangups BEFORE they snag you.

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