Become a Knitting Superstar™
Become a Knitting Superstar™
Become a Knitting Superstar™
Become a Knitting Superstar™
Become a Knitting Superstar™

Save 30% Off NOW: “Knitting Saves The World 2013” Sale

Liat Gat - Founder

July 8, 2013

Knitting Saves The World Tour 2013 - Everything On Sale!Ryan Gosling and Julia Roberts are AVID knitters, but you don’t have to be a SUPERSTAR to be a Knitting Superstar!

I’ve taught over 100,000 people to become knitting superstars – in fact, knitting actually saved my life, and it can SAVE YOURS TOO.

This July I’m appearing on TV shows all over the country to get my message out:
Knitting Can Actually Save Your Life!

Announcing the “Knitting Saves The World” Tour and Sale

Right now you can get 30% off every class in the store – and you should buy every class you don’t own before prices go UP – enter coupon code WORLDTOUR at checkout.

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Help your friends become Knitting Superstars too! Tell them about the sale.

“Knitting Saves The World” 2013 Tour Dates

I’m on a mission to get 10,000 more people to become Knitting Superstars and save their lives with knitting THIS YEAR. Watch me on TV in the cities below:

July 8 – ALBUQUERQUE, NM | July 9 – TUCSON, AZ | July 10 – LAS VEGAS, NV
July 15 – CHICAGO, IL | July 16 – TAMPA, FL | July 18 – ORLANDO, FL

More details: appearance schedule | More details: meetup schedule (on Facebook)

Plus Behind-The-Scenes Footage

As I do this TV tour I’ll be recording behind-the-scenes video footage at “Daytime” (a national show) in Tampa and on Good Day LA in Los Angeles. You’ll get to go where no viewer has ever gone: behind the scenes at Good Day LA!

Shop the “Knitting Saves The World” Tour Sale Now

Right now you can get 30% off every class in the store – and you should buy every class you don’t own before prices go UP – enter coupon code WORLDTOUR at checkout.

Green shop sale now button

Share your story

I read every comment you post and I love to hear the stories of how knitting has made a difference in or even saved your life. Share your story in the comments!

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27 thoughts on “Save 30% Off NOW: “Knitting Saves The World 2013” Sale”

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  1. Liat,
    Extremely unhappy! I ordered Knitting Superstar download and it was damaged according to Adobe Reader. Tried to get a refund through Pay Pal and you denied my claim. I tried to email you after I found this out and you did not respond. I think it’s extremely sad that a refund can’t be obtained when it’s a downloaded product and is unusable.

    1. Thank you, Barbara, for your comment regarding Knitting Superstar download. I had planned to order it in a few more days but if the download is corrupted that won’t happen.

      Personally I’d rather receive a DVD that could be loaded onto a different computer should I decide to upgrade.

      1. Hi Lynn –

        I am happy to see that you are interested in the Knitting Superstar e-book. I can assure you that we do not often have issues with corrupted downloads. When it happens, there is usually a glitch in your connection when downloading the file. You can always delete the corrupted file and download it again using the Download Links e-mail that you receive after making your purchase.

        Like I told Barbara, you can also use the online link and password that comes with the e-book anytime you have trouble with the PDF.

        I hope you decide to give the e-book a try. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our e-books and we are here to help you with any trouble you may have.

        1. Liat, if there is a 100% guarantee, I am shocked you wouldn’t refund me the money. I tried rebooting the ebook but nothing worked. Also, you never emailed me or responded back to me via this feed or by email. I am most disappointed. The PDF showed no password on my end even though your email included one.

    2. That is disappointing. Have you tried uninstalling the programme and then rebooting your computer. After you have done this re-install Superstar 1 again.
      If that doesn’t work try doing the same thing with Adobe.
      I have had Superstar 1 for a few months now and didn’t have any problems at all which makes me think that there just might have been a glich on your computer at the time. I have had this happen with another programme and no matter what I did I couldn’t get it to work. I finally did what I said above and it worked. I don’t think it is the Superstar programme because it would have happened to all of us. Every once in awhile our computers get a mind of their own and just won’t co-operate until we do something like uninstalling and re-installing. I’m sure Liat will get back to you. Best Wishes Dorothy

      1. Dorothy,

        Thank you so much for sharing this information. Computers can definitely have a mind of their own and we do our very best to handle all of the problems that arise. Many times, a simple reboot or re-install will solve the problem.

        Thank you, thank you!

    3. Hi Barbara,

      I’m so sorry to hear that you are unhappy. I talked to our customer support team and it looks like they responded to you via e-mail and PayPal to help resolve the issues that you were having with your e-book. Can you do me a favor and make sure that our e-mails haven’t been going to your junk mail folder? We have sent you a new download links e-mail so that you can re-download your PDF file. You can also access the e-book anytime using the online link and password provided in the download links e-mail. We definitely want to work with you to make sure that your e-book is up and running. If you still want a refund after trying the e-book, we’re happy to provide it – just let the support team know.

  2. Hi,
    About 5 years ago my son-in-law, who is a PHD student studying how we learn new languages as an adult, told me that the brain is like any muscle. If it is not used it weakens. I was 59 at the time and noticing a change in my comprehension and memory. He told me that in order to keep your brain flexible for life you needed to learn something completely outside your comfort zone every 6 months after age 38. WOW that was hard to comprehend! LOL
    So we made a list of all the things I had never done. Not that I wanted to do.
    Then picked the top three that I would like to do. Knitting was number one.
    I found a meet-up group and emailed the organizer asking if anyone would be willing to teach me how to knit.
    As you can imagine the knitters welcomed me with open arms. I have been knitting ever since and have even tried my hand at lace. (talk about being out of my comfort zone)
    the great thing about knitting for me is that I can do lace or dishcloths depending on my capacity to concetrate and I get the same joy and peacefulness. Time flies and I relax.
    the only downside is – I cannot watch hockey (I am Canadian) – i miss too much even with a quick look down because the game is so fast.

    1. Hi Noreen,
      I had to giggle when you mentioned hockey. My husband and boys are hockey not fans but nuts. My husband has passed away but the our sons are still humungous fans. I can still picture my husband sitting in his chair and 3 little guys sitting on his lap. One would be on one arm of the chair and another on the other arm and the baby on his tummy. I had to pay attention or I would have been scolded by the little guys. What I did was have some plain knitting that I would be working on. Something like a plain V neck sweater for my husband for Christmas. I wouldn’t have to think because it was all plain knitting. I saved my more challenging knitting for non-hockey nights. Lovely memories that no one can take away. My sons are all in their 50’s now and I have two grandsons in their 30’s. They are all hockey nuts and if they had to miss a game it would be nervous breakdown time. My one dil knits now and I’m working on the other one. Have fun and happy hockey. Dorothy

  3. Knitting saved my life when I became deathly ill after gastric bypass due to not taking my supplements. I finally became so week I fell and badly bruised my leg. I was stuck in my bedroom for 3 months and 3 days. If it were not for knitting and crocheting I would have went completely insane. All though it has been two years since my fall I still have the bruise since it was such deep internal bruise which still hurts. It does not however interfere with my daily life.

  4. Linda Patterson

    Wed, July 10, 3:27 p.m.

    I am very disappointed…..I just received your email telling about your television tour. It says you are going to be on TV in Albuquerque, NM on July 8… time or station information and today is July 10………so I missed the program completely. It would really have been nice to know about it last week so I could have tried to find which TV station it was going to be on and when. Now there is no point…….very disappointing….. I’ve never had the opportunity to learn from a professional knitting teacher. My mom taught me to knit when I was 3 and now I am 70…..what I know I have learned on my own, but I know I could benefit from a program like this one.

    If you are ever going to be on TV in Albuquerque in the future, please send out the email notifications BEFORE the date, not AFTER, and include the time and station information. This is probably not the only time this has happened, so you might want to use this information for all future TV tours.


  5. Hi Liat,
    By chance I found your knitting videos on YouTube. Your style of teaching is, like, totally fab! ;-)

    Trying to learn how to use DPNs flummoxed me…then I found your Magic Loop video. Look Pa, I’m knitting

    a square lace shawl! Starting with 8 sts.

    1. Congratulations on attempting to make a shawl. They aren’t the easiest thing to knit. I keep on saying this but I hope Liat comes out with a video on this very topic. Have fun. Dorothy

  6. Hi Liat,
    I have been a fan since I found you on YouTube quite a few years ago now.
    I just want to tell you this little story first. I have had 15 major surgeries over the years. The last one I had was just over 3 years ago. It was an emergency surgery and my husband and sons were told that they didn’t think I would come through it because of my age. I was 76 at the times. It wasn’t just my age but it had to do with the surgeries that I had, had previously. Well, I did live but was terribly weak.
    My husband of course was at the hospital but I noticed he didn’t look right and didn’t sound right. He did have chronic Leukemia which hits some older people but we were assured that it would shorten his life. He also had diabetes, and a heart problem which all seemed to be under control. When I got home he didn’t seem to understand that I couldn’t look after him. We were told later that he was just starting with Alzheimers. One night he fell and broke his hip. Actually, he broke his hip before he fell. He was taken to the hospital. There wasn’t a hospital in Ontario Canada that could take him because the operating rooms were all in use. We waited for approx. 10 days during this time he picked up three different virus’ and bacteria in his blood. He finally got into an operating room all of this time he was suffering terribly. He went down hill so quickly. It just broke my heart to see this 6ft. 3″ 200 lb. man go to absolutely nothing. He was moved to Palliative Care where he was given the most wonderful care. Not only were they wonderful to him but they gave me so much support. It’s a terrible thing to see the man you have loved from the time I was 15 and he was 1 7 go downhill so fast. He passed away while I was holding him in my arms.
    I couldn’t get it through my head that he was gone. Nothing really sunk in for several days. I can remember waking up and thinking my whole planet has changed.
    Time passed and then I couldn’t walk. I was so weak. I started to swell up and my dear daughter in law insisted that I go to the ER. They diagnosed me with having a low grade heart failure and said because I had, had so many surgeries and that the last one, and going to the hospital everyday that my body just gave in. Four of the surgeries had been on my spine which caused moving around almost impossible. All of a sudden I was in a special chair that I had to sit on and a wheelchair. I
    I decided I had to do something. I had a beautiful sewing room that I could no longer use. My husband had it built for me when he retired. He also got me a very fancy sewing machine that did everything. I was lucky to have been able to use it for at least 10 years. I had always been a knitter but when I started looking at patterns again it seemed like I was reading a foreign language. It had changed so much, in every way. Charts, which I love now. Knitting language and techniques were so different. I started to get knitting books with great tutorials in them and then my son suggested I look at YouTube.
    Well, hmm what was a Liat Gat? Was it a company? Whatever I kept on seeing her name on YouTube. I really wasn’t all that interested at first. Then I saw something about Toe Up Socks. Meanwhile I figured out of course after watching that a Liat Gat was a beautiful young woman with the loveliest speaking voice. One that you could listen too without it grinding in my head like so many people did on videos. I started to knit along with the toe up sock and they were lovely. She taught me the new techniques and then I started to buy her courses, the greatest one was Superstar 1.
    She taught me how to read charts and just so many things. I have branched out to knitting lace shawls. I’m waiting for Liat to come up with a video on knitting a lace chart. All of a sudden I started being excited to wake up in the morning. I hadn’t done this for a couple of years. Now, I have a great collection of books, and have even ordered Cat Borhi’s interchangeable knitting needles. I’m just waiting for them to come. Thank you so much Liat for giving me a purpose in life. I knit socks for people in our area, mostly men who are homeless. I have made a lot of children’s socks, and crochet lots of blankies for little children.
    I wish there were a group of women out there who like myself are older and perhaps shut ins who would like to see that there is a purpose in life. Learning, and knitting for others who need mitts, sweaters, socks. Not only will it help you but think of the people who you would be helping. It would be fun to get together online and chat about what we are doing, plus helping each other cope with change. Hugs to you Liat.

    1. Liat when I read my article through I noticed I had said that the Leukemia my husband had would shorten his life I should have said wouldn’t shorten his life. I wouldn’t want to frighten anyone who has the same thing.
      I also said I was waiting for you to come out with a video on knitting lace shawls not charts. Bye for now, Dorothy

  7. Knitting saved my life for real. I was always an avid knitter but once my children grew up there was really no one to knit for. In 2010 I was undergoing treatment for breast cancer. I met a young woman who was undergoing treatement for melanoma. I thought it might cheer her up if I knit her a sweater. At the time I had lymphedema in my right arm and had to wear an enormous bandange thingie from my finger tips to my underarm. Nevertheless I knit her sweater. It made me feel so good I went on to knit scarves for everyone I knew. I would do this while waiting for my radiation treatment. Soon we had a knitting circle in the hospital. Even the doctors were intrigued. I gave scarves to all the people who treated me.
    My friend died on thanksgiving that year. She was only 22.

    I have been knitting ceaselessly since I met her. Everything I make I give away. It is my greatest joy and I owe it all to my friend.

    1. I was so moved by your story. I hope that you are well now. I am so sorry that you lost your young friend. I would classify you as one of the Knitting Angels.
      The sweater that you made her is like having Angel’s Wings wrapped around her. Isn’t it funny how doing something like knitting and crocheting can bring people together while you are in the hospital. I have spent many years of my life in the hospital and always had knitting or crocheting with me. I didn’t knit I have learned in the past few years with Liat. Meaning charts, technical differences etc. It has all changed so much. They didn’t have the excellent tutorial books and yarn like we have now. Or classes like Liat gives.
      One Dr. used to say to me that he just had to follow the wool to find me.
      We also had a knitting group quite a few times when I was in the hospital. We made tray favours and continued making them for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Mother’s and Father’s day. We also knit stuffed dolls for children. It was great fun, even if one is in pain as you were, it does help to lessen the pain. Take care of yourself and have fun knitting. Dorothy

  8. Please do a video on “shadow” knitting. The technique where the purl bumps on the public side make a picture or design when viewed from the side.

    While in university my son had an emergency. We rushed to the hospital and were told he was in very serious condition. I had grabbed my knitting as we ran to the car. I knit all the way there, (4 hrs,) and I knit by his bedside all night and all the next day. I prayed with the rythum of each stitch. Also nurses, and other visitors would pass by and stop in to inquire about what I was knitting. It really helped save my sanity while he recovered.

  9. Charlene Reuter

    Hi Liat,
    I know it’s Monday, July 8 and you’ll be in Las Vegas tomorrow and Wednesday. I was unable to get to your Bellagio gathering when you were here last month, but I’d love to meet you this time! If you can, please email me at [email protected] with your schedule for Las Vegas? In advance, thanks soooo much!

    1. Charlene, I emailed you with the details, but here they are in case anyone else wants them: Tuesday July 9th from 6- 7:30 pm at Sunrise Coffee in Henderson at 3130 E Sunset Rd.

  10. Hello Liat,

    I’m wondering if you will be teaching any classes in the Bay Area. I would love to attend one or more of your in-person classes. As a new knitter, your teaching style is easy to follow. Please say YES!

    Thanks for your time and talent,

    1. Hi Tracy,

      I’m happy you want to meet up and knit with me! Right now I’m focusing on the website and am not able to do live events, but I’d like to in the future. I’ll let you know if I’m doing a local event so that we can be sure to meet up.

      1. Hi Liat,

        Thanks for replying to my question regarding in-person classes in the Bay Area on Oct. 30. Please keep me posted if and when you decide to come my way.

        Have a fantastic weekend,

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